link building help

  1. ZoroBegins

    ❇️ BHW Link builders |SEO Tools users,Kindly Give Your Support ❇️ ❇️

    Whole thing about..... what is the best link building tool + easy to handle for a Noob + easy to learn + to build tier 2, 3, 4 links? you got the idea right. here's the BHW guys talking tools in threads. GSA, RankerX, Senuke, Money robot GSA: I know this one is good. but what the other...
  2. T

    My first link building strategy

    I am starting my first local SEO journey. In my country (Brazil), competition in this case is low. So I defined the following strategy: TIER 1 (held in 10 days) - 15 expired tumblrs with TF 10+ - Send a PDF for 10 different share directories (like Slideshare, etc.) - 30 posts on Bookmarks...
  3. NawtyBoy

    Link Building Questions

    I have a site up and running with all the pages indexed. I have different sub pages with different keywords to rank. My plan is to create between 5-7 web 2.0 Manually for every sub pages Like Keyword 1(Sub Page1) -> 7 Web 2.0 Manually (Tier1) -> Tier2 with RankerX -> Tier3 Blast of GSA or...
  4. seoscrachiers

    Suggestion regarding use of backlinking tool

    Hi, I want to build backlink to a travel website to boost its ranking because its the season now. I search a lot and came with the 2 linkbuilding software. 1. Money Robot 2. Dripfeedlinks Money robot has trial version and i am using it but i can't see nay result yet though its just 4 days of...
  5. I

    Need Help To Rank

    Hi I have pest control website and have been working on that website fior a pretty long time now but still I am not able to get it on the first page.I have tred everything and my linkbuilding are diversified like social bookmarks,guest post,press release,business directories,blog post,blog...
  6. marakonek

    I am looking for positioner

    Hello Guys. I am looking for the positioner to my website. I want to position the 10 keywords and care about the long cooperation. Who do you recommend ?. In the section SEO - Link building is full of ads, but I do not know which is the best positioner. Thanks for the help.
  7. J

    Thousands of free harvested links

    I will be posting harvested links for all to use. Create backlinks to your site, do what you will with them. I have successfully posted on most of these sites using fast poster in scrapebox.
  8. P

    How to effectively build links for 100 autoblogs net ?

    Hello, I've created around 100 autoblogs on different niches (about 60 days old), 90% of them on .info domains. They create around 200 posts per day, cool posts, full of (auto spinned) content. I'm not good at generating traffic so I cant decide what would be the best route of action to...
  9. vickyjain1

    Help Me BHW guys With SERP !!

    hi guys, i need your help ... one of my keyword "free product samples" is ranked in 11th page in google and other keyword "photoshop plugins free" is ranked in 15th page. How should i get them into top 10 in google... i would be glad with your help.
  10. J

    Niche Domination

    Ok, So i gathered the money and i'm ready for a big project. :) I want to create geo specific niche sites for at least 20-25 major cities and than create about 10 more for each city that will link to the money sites. 1) Should i complete each city websites before moving to the next city...
  11. mamigetmoney

    Help with Keyword Clarification & link building

    Okay so I'm about to start building links to my website, but I need some clarification on how to use keywords correctly when link building. For Example: If I were to rank for the keyword "iphone" (example only).. when I go to build articles and profiles with the keyword would I only include...
  12. C

    Link Speed Factor

    Hello Webmaster, I have a new born affiliate site it is not ranking well now, I want to build some backlinks for it but I wonder how many links per day should i do for my new site? I don't want to look unnatural or got some sort of penalty so, can some one help me with that??
  13. E

    How to get links from the pages having PR?

    I have read on many freelance sites that people are asking for one-way links from the pages having Page rank. You know Angela Edward style links are from high PR sites but the linkpage does not have any PR. They also ask that the links should be permanent and should not be from blogs, forums...
  14. J

    How to Find Links (Webinar from AdGooRoo)

    Hi guys, Here is a recent webinar from AdGooRoo, one of the top search marketing companies. I don't think it's available publicly, but the URL is public so watch it while it's still up:
  15. B

    scrapbox help needed urgent

    Hello everone , I have recently purchased copy of scrape box , i am going through its documentation even with SEO dorks for finding forums ...but i am still learning.. I need to find 300 websites for link building with pr more than 6 , relevent to classifieds , cars , houses , Homes and...
  16. G

    Link building for education site

    Hello I am absolute newbi. I have an educational website which offers job guarantee courses. The website is ready and is optimized. I need to build links so that it comes on top of SERP. Can anyone help how do I do that? Thanks a million in advance. K G
  17. sfidirectory

    Get 10,000+ free high P.R backlinks, is it possible?

    I'm wondering is there any way to get something like 10,000 free backlinks that have a high Google Pake Rank quickly or easily? Trying to link with high p.r sites can be time consuming, let alone hard if your site is relatively new. Would like to know if there is a quick, FREE way of going about...
  18. N

    White hat linkbuilding suggestions needed

    Hello everyone, I have a website , I am trying to build backlinks from high page rank websites where i can drop my links which are not spammy , and get them to stick. I know this can be acheived via blog commenting , forum submission profile bookmarking. What i need to ask...
  19. N

    need to understand why my ranking dropped from 16th to 70th page

    Hey guys , I build 1k backlinks using 7-10 days my site started getting,within 100 searches, Number of backlinks shown in yahoo explorer 1,500 and in google 8 backlinks in next 10-20 days. As days passed my number of backlinks in google started decreasing, now after 2 months they...
  20. S

    need a lot of quality oneway links

    need a lot of quality one way links for health care and game sites. if any one can arrange this contact me. AIM: yvrxiar thanks
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