1. T

    GDPR and Privacy Laws in the offline world

    Recently I went to a health care practice. Few times before this id gone to the GP. So you are waiting in line to talk to the receptionist.... Now theres a patient in front of you. The receptionists asks here for her name, her date of birth then her address. Now i heard all of it. Everyone...
  2. mastertanvir

    Can the word "Harvard" infringe copyright law

    I am going to start a web agency. There I want to use the word "Harvard" in the agency name. My agency and me will not have any relation with Harvard University. Nothing will be related with harvard university. I checked there website about the copyright but didn't find the specific answer I am...
  3. S

    Does Your Imprint Need to Match the Signup Details at Amazon EU?

    Hey guys! With competition getting tougher in the international market, I was thinking about starting a few affiliate websites with Amazon EU (e.g.,, For these, I need to have a valid imprint/about us page containing my personal details (or those of my company), including...
  4. Mediawiz

    [AMA] Law Of Attraction Q&A

    The Law Of Attraction is a popular topic nowadays. Some believe it exists, some not. That's fine. I was sceptical about this when I heard about this for the first time. I'm a down to earth guy and I'm definitely not floaty. Now, 2 years later, I know it exists and how it can work for me. Just...
  5. anonjack

    Does CloudFlare make my website applicable for US law?

    Hello BHW community. I have a question regarding CloudFlare or reverse proxies for websites in general. Do these proxies make my website applicable to laws in which the proxy is based in? Simple question yet I can't seem to find any answers online.
  6. M

    Will I end in Jail with my Instagram service?

    Hey guys, recently I reached the first stage in the development of an instagram analysis tool. I’m quite sure that I can offer in depth analysis that go a few steps deeper than existing tools like hypeauditor or socialblade do. Deep social was shut down in 08/2018… but i cant find any...
  7. Wyzgy239

    NY AG Determines"paid for" followers and social engagement is illegal READ article here

    Hi all, just came across this article about influencers and paid for followers and engagement. Thought some might be interested in reading it as it may have an impact on the future of internet marketing. This is no longer about violating a platforms terms of service, but defining what actions...
  8. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Can the police search your phone?

    Enterprises work hard to protect company secrets. Here’s why the biggest threat may be law enforcement.
  9. John4life2017

    Law Database

    Hi all, I have a friend who works in a law firm in NYC and has access to a database of 1000s of law cases all over the US. How can this be monetized?
  10. ayumipie

    The Grim HR 1865. USA and will ripple accross the globe.

    On the 11th April trump signed in the HR 1865. Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017 Here is most of the dire situation/fallout in a fairly up to date document. The new law...
  11. rafark

    Best way to protect your intellectual properties?

    So with clones popping up like mushrooms in the internet, I wonder what's the best way to protect my business trademarks and copyrights? I'm not Us based so I was thinking in incorporating my business in the US trough a service like Stripe Atlas (even more attractive after GOP's tax bill)...
  12. Tanckom

    European Website Law (What is needed to be compliant?)

    Hello Dear Blackhatters's I was wondering, if anybody could tell me, what a Website need's to display (e.q. information or details) and what needs to be done so a Website for personal use, but also for a restaurant, blog, small company or e-commerce is EU law compliant? What I already know is...
  13. Y

    Adult sites 18+ dialog box

    hi :), I noticed that some adult sites like, etc they do not have the 'Are you 18+? Yes/No' dialog when visiting their website. Is the 18+ warning dialog compulsory for all adult websites? Thanks
  14. Q

    ATTENTION!! I have a Lunatic Customer!

    Holy shit balls! This women been literally emailing me for 3 days straight telling me she is going to get me charged with wire fraud! Do you know why!? She put her email in my store and gets abandoned cart checkouts which she is unsubscribed now. I'm scared she is going to get another email and...
  15. F

    Payment procesor with low risk for seller?!....

    Hi.... Im planing to build a online store. I need a good procesor. Sincerlly I buy items via alipay and I need somehow to protect myself in case of chargebacks. My items that I whant to sell are high risk. I will use for online store wordpress platform so need also something that can be...
  16. N

    Can I share iptv files on my website??

    Hello dear friends, i would like to know if its okay if i begin to share iptv files on my website?? knowing that i will write a full disclosure in which i say that i don't provide or create iptv files. which means i will just share them. kind Regards!
  17. G

    Mandatory broadcasting license for running a Youtube/Twitch Channel in Germany

    The German authorities are trying to enforce a mandatory broadcasting license for running Youtube/Twitch Channels. Such a license costs between 1.000 and 10.000 and is linked to strict controls, what you are allowed to say and what not to say. At they moment they are trying to bring a case to...
  18. P

    Can paypal get informations from your local bank ?

    Hello, i was considering, if paypal can get your private informations like Name, subname, adress, phone and other things from your local bank. For example if someone scammed me, and I tell it to paypal, can they get the informations from the bank about that person who scammed me, and get my...
  19. Bee

    HELP: make money with Pokemon Go ebook - trademark infirngement?

    Hi guys, I jumped on the Pokemon Go hype and published a "Pokemon Go Beginner Guide" on Kindle (Amazon). Now I realized there could be some legal issues. I think I am not allowed to have an ebook published cause I checked TESS now (yes I know a bit late) and it says electronic publications are...
  20. deBling

    What safe Trademark in website domain names

    Hi, first off all i would like to pardom my english. I would like to start work with adsense, so here is my SWOT plan. I would like to registred the name of particular website which have some kind of brand, but no "made up words". This website use general name, for example, hot-dog or...
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