1. tattooedbuddha

    DeepL launches DeepL Write (Beta)

    DeepL, usually known for their translating service, has now launched a new service called "DeepL Write". It's a beta launch. But it might be interesting to see what comes of it. They claim features similar to those of a rewriting and paraphrasing tool, such as: Fix grammar and punctuation...
  2. eaglehunter

    Looking for someone who can create a token (BNB)

    As the title suggests, i am looking for someone who can create a meme coin or some token using bnb, then deploy is and burn LP and whatever those technical terms are if you can do, please contact me
  3. Brickbat1

    [JV] Brickbat1 is starting a crypto token with predefined parameters. You are invited to the community with a chance to join the team.

    The last few days, I have been free via a temp ban :) to really think through what it will take to successfully launch a token via crowdsourcing of talent through this forum. One of my realizations is that the initiator of the project has to lead and will of necessity be the sole custodian of...
  4. maxdosh

    Do I launch a product after this?

    Hey guys, so I made some money online recently about $500 from writing reviews and ranking and I created a PDF case study that was sold as a WSO. I got about 17 sales made an extra $35 (maybe because it was way cheap). Now I am thinking maybe it will be a good idea to launch a list of video...
  5. mancar487

    [March 2017] MANCAR’s Newest CLICKBANK Hit- HUGE Niche!

    If you are familiar with my team’s previous HUGE launches, I am here to announce that you haven’t seen our best one yet… Think S C I A T I C A S O S (which got into Clickbank Remedies Top 10 Bestsellers in under 3 months of launch) was a huge success? Or L A S E R L E S S (currently number 1...
  6. hYpeZz

    Looking for traffic methods for JVzoo/Warrior launch

    Hello, I'm preparing to launch a product on JVzoo( it's about facebook ads) and I'm looking for someone who has or knows traffic sources that can be added to my product as OTO(One time offer) We will share the commissions earned from your product, I have big affiliates prepared for promoting a...
  7. T

    Is Clickbank Strict About What Products They Accept?

    Hey guys I’m thinking of creating new digital Clickbank product in the remedies niche. Does Clickbank reject, or even ban, products in certain niches nowadays? Do they reject products with sales pages with outrageous claims? I have a currently have a Clickbank product, but I created it like 6...
  8. A

    How can I successfully launch my blog?

    And how to get more followers on my social media pages so fast? Any tips please
  9. S

    What are the best Launch Strategies to gain maximum attention on Launch day and beyond?

    Hello everyone, I haven't posted much around here but I have been reading and following different stories through the years. I wanted to ask the help of some of the talented people in this forum. As you can see from the title, I'm seeking the knowledge of the best launch strategies. Perhaps...
  10. U

    [WANT AFFILIATES] New Launch - The NeoTuts Membership - 75% Commissions (RECURRING)

    ==== Launch Announcement - NeoTuts ==== 75% Recurring Commissions - MASSIVE Retention Rate - Perfect For Any MMO Reader Base... Hey Fellow BHers, Allen here. I'm going to do an official launch for my newest membership site - - on 2nd, June and I'm currently looking for...
  11. A

    How to effectively launch an online product?

    Hi, Just want to know your thoughts on how to launch a product? Should we start from Blogs? From Social media? Paid Traffic? What else? Share your thoughts.
  12. dariusdarius

    [EVERGREEN] Hot Product Launch and Best converting offer for INSTAGRAM traffic!

    Promote the Best Converting Offer for your Instagram and Photography Traffic, Created by Real Social Media Experts!(Featured on clickbank) I would like to announce the LAUNCH of my Newest Product in Instagram and photography niche here on BHW. We at instarts are constantly split testing...
  13. cats_eye

    2013 Massive Clickbank Product Launch Announcement Click Here To Make Money!

    Hello my Blackhat World Brothers, We have just launched a brand new product that will blow you away. You know the game Candy Crush Saga right? It is a worldwide sensation! It has over 45 million players each month, and experts have calculated that the creators of the game earn at least...
  14. B

    Looking for 10 crazy but good affiliate marketers for experimental launch!

    It's going to be in the IM niche/newbies/make money online dudes. I say it's experimental because I want to bend the usual rules of a launch a little bit (that's why I need "crazy" people ) I'm looking only for 10 people because we're gonna be 20 in total. All the selling is going to be done...
  15. I

    I am sick of your "big" launches!

    No offence but as more and more I am viewing all these "big" launch websites/squeeze pages, I am more sick of them.. Do you really think that someone will gonna get your stuff? What is your conversion rate mate? Think about it... Stop using this funny counters which change every second and show...
  16. kytro360

    Some Helpful Advice or Tips When It Comes To Launching Software?

    Hey, I am going to soon launch a program I made and I was wondering what are some things I should do, or have on my product page related to the software and other miscellaneous stuff? I am planning to write a guide to make money with the software but Im not sure if there are other things I...
  17. L

    Turn to you Help

    On May 31 I'm launching a new product in the pregnancy and childbirth niche, through Clickbank . Childbirth Preparation Handbook. Right now I?m in process of searching and recruiting partners Maybe you know someone who has sites in this niche or has been promoting similar products!? I'll be...
  18. Super_Vendor

    ATTENTION MARKETERS - LAUNCH - Win a Samsung 3D HDTV Complete Home Entertainment System!

    Hey everybody! My team and I got something really big coming up very soon, and you ARE going to want to become a part of it! After about 6 months of work, and so far over a month of tweaking, we are finally announcing the prelaunch and launch of the Extreme Wealth Mechanism. This is going...
  19. O

    blogging espionage

    Has anyone ever heard of this site? bloggingespionage site? Just thought I would run it by the crowd. I have never posted here allow I frequent these parts often. What are your thoughts on this one? Worth a buy? One
  20. R

    LAUNCH! MMO Niche! (75%) Check this Bad Boy Out! Affiliate Page and Conversion Screenshot!

    Hey guys, I first want to apologize for my low post count on this forum. I am an avid member of many forums and have just found this one! Please don't let this affect taking my post seriously. Also, I will be a regular now on this forum. Hey Everybody! :) Anyway... 30DAYWEALTH.COM has just...
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