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[EVERGREEN] Hot Product Launch and Best converting offer for INSTAGRAM traffic!

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by dariusdarius, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. dariusdarius

    dariusdarius Senior Member

    Aug 25, 2009
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    Promote the Best Converting Offer for your Instagram and Photography Traffic, Created by Real Social Media Experts!(Featured on clickbank)
    I would like to announce the LAUNCH of my Newest Product in Instagram and photography niche here on BHW.

    We at instarts are constantly split testing and tracking conversions so we can optimize the product to its best performance.

    The new Sales Video is performing very very well and 71% of our visitors has played the video and in avarage they watch 58%!

    Product Price: 37$
    Affiliate Commission: 70%
    You earn : $24/Sale!

    Some of you might already heard of this product or some you might even promote it already. This product is basically created for ALL Instagram marketers that are struggling to get a decent EPC. This product will teach your users how they can earn money with their Instagram profile. It's simple, evergreen and converts like crazy!

    We have prepared Tons of Affiliate Material and marketing Strategies on our JV Area so be sure you check it out to get our latest tools, news, contest leaderboard and more. Make sure you register for our February Launch contest.

    Some of the ways you can build traffic for the niche are:

    • Blogs/Sites targetting keywords related to Instagram (make money with Instagram)
    • Personal profiles with hundreds/thousands of followers
    • Advertise on your own mobile applications
    • Facebook Fan Pages (Many Facebook users have an Instagram profile..)
    • Mobile Ad Platforms (We have Mobile banners ready in our affiliate section)
    • Mobile Various source of traffic
    • Email marketing (Perform very well with a social or photography list)

    And of course there are many other methods, just be CREATIVE!
    I would like to thank you BHW Community for the support so far for my past 4 Big product Success. And for every partner and affiliate who i had the chance to work with and it is still a pleasure to colaborate with new skilled people.

    Find us on Skype (icemushy)[​IMG] for quick support.

    Product Links and Affiliate Resource:
    Product Page: http://bit.ly/1bQe7vm
    Product Mobile page: http://bit.ly/1bQehmt
    Affiliate Resources: http://bit.ly/1ortpPG

    Feel free to PM for extra info and questions! We are here to help anyone who want to get started.

    Thank you.
  2. dariusdarius

    dariusdarius Senior Member

    Aug 25, 2009
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    Ok guys,
    Beside the resources you can find on affiliate page, i just made 2 Seo Unique Review articles, I will give them up first time here on BHW!

    PM me if anyone interested il send them over.

    [UPDATE] You can found our new Alternative Mobile OPTIMIZED Landing page on our affiliate page. We are always split testing to get the best conversions on our designs.

    If you have any questions and interested in email list promotion and cross-promotion let me know.
    (Any photography, instagram works the best with this product, Also there are some various different categories that can do great with this product)