kw research

  1. Rollfic

    Ahrefs VS Ubersuggest.

    For a KW, Ahrefs says KD is 1 with search volume 27k but Ubersuggest says KD is 67 and search volume being 90500. Which one is close to accurate?
  2. I

    Is Keyword Surfer accurate vs KW planner?

    Hello, I do not have paid google ads kw planner yet. So for a keyword that I looked for, kw planner showed 1k-10k range. But keyword surfer chrome extension showed only 90 USA searches. What is accurate? Is there any free tool that shows correct data?
  3. R

    any comprehensive guides on KW research?

    I been looking through the forum and looking at the guides, there are quite bit of great stuff posted. I am still kind of new into KW research, is there any guides here that can get behind the tactics and strategies for KW research?
  4. D

    No longer going to simply lurk, but take action. A few questions

    I'm going to work on two methods at the same time because I have the time. Grayhat Instagram and micro-niche sites. Regarding finding keywords for the site, should I pay for kwfinder or buy them from here? I'm a near-total noob. There's also Jaaxy and other tools, and there seems to be little...
  5. -EXP0SED-

    Keyword in depth guides?

    hi all, i was wondering do you know of any in depth keyword research guide / tutorials that you followed / follow in order to be able to find a list profitable keyword, how to do good keyword research. what i have been doing is writing down several niche then writing sub niches and then...
  6. Jure321

    Steal your competitors SERP

    Hey, something just came to my mind. What if I see my competitor has done a KW research and wrote an review article on low comp KW in my niche - then I decide to take that same KW, write similar article, optimize it, add some more LSI KWs and then start adding few quality backlinks to it. Could...
  7. korbes

    Keyword Research - Advice/Feedback?

    How do I KW research the right way? I've been checking out a few threads on BHW, and this is how I understand it. (There are many methods - But this is the one I'll be using) 1. I think of 30 keywords that I think might be good for my website 2. I check them in the Google Keyword Planner tool...
  8. Nesh47

    I Think I Found A Good Niche, How Can I Know for Sure?

    Hi people, I think I found a good niche and I want to make sure I'm using the right tools to determine if it will be profitable or not. What I want to do is: Building an affiliate website for that niche since the products are pretty expensive (80$-500$). I was thinking about drop shipping but...
  9. kavericro

    Local SEO - Am I right assuming this...

    Hi all, I've started doing some Local SEO, and these are things things I've done so far : 1. Bought an EMD & HOSTING 2. Working on optimizing On-Page SEO & content + WP design 3. KW Research ( Serps looks super eazy, pages ranked on 1st page little to NO links what so ever 0-2 links - poor...
  10. hazez

    Keyword Research Help? Easy or Hard KW to Rank with All the data I Collect?

    First of all, I want to thank all BHW community. I want to start an authority site and use AdSense and affiliate (amazon and others) with it but mainly AdSense. So I’m in Keyword research phase which considered the most important phase in building any site that aim to get organic traffic...
  11. kideze

    Best Keyword Tool for a Mac?

    Looking for the best Keyword tool to use on a MAC. You know of any?
  12. H

    [JV Opp] Seeking linkbuilding & keyword research expert

    Found what I need, thanks for the replies. /Thread closed.
  13. BassTrackerBoats

    Keyword Research the BTB Way

    We all have our various ways of searching for Niches and KWs to build sites that get a lot of organic traffic and make us money. I'm going to share my particular way and perhaps we can get a meaningful discussion on what you do and how to twist what we all do to make our own KW research even...