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Local SEO - Am I right assuming this...

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by kavericro, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. kavericro

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    Apr 24, 2016
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    Hi all,
    I've started doing some Local SEO, and these are things things I've done so far :

    1. Bought an EMD & HOSTING
    2. Working on optimizing On-Page SEO & content + WP design
    3. KW Research ( Serps looks super eazy, pages ranked on 1st page little to NO links what so ever 0-2 links - poor on Page SEO optimization as well... 1 free weebly site ranked at #6 - weebly site is super amateur ) , domains are not strong, not much aged

    Point of this post would be me asking for guidance,
    if there is any one able to input some more information. Things that I'm looking to find out and possibly improve further are :

    1. Am I correct in assuming this would be an easy KW to rank for? If so, would I need Off-Page SEO to spike it up a bit ? How can I get my hands on content that I can alter to my KW ?
    2. Site is relatively new, what would be the best way to go out with Off Page SEO , avoiding Gslaps and playing by the rules.
    3. Suggestions on what WP theme design that works good for Local Businesses (preferrably free if possible)
    4. How would you price such a site on a monthly basis , baring in mind the KW is 600+ local searches, and a single customer cashes in 150+ eur to the business.

    Plan here would be to rank this site high enough in the serps, sign up with call tracking service to transfer calls to local (Real Business) owners . Would offer the business 1week free of charge to get them "hooked" afterwards would make some sort of an agreement.

    Thanks for everyone looking at this thread, please do give your input + feel free to criticize as well.

    PS: If you are here to bash, please move on :)
    Thanks once more!