keyword cannibalization

  1. robin222

    Is this keyword cannibalization

    For an important keyword I want to rank for, I wrote an article of about 2,000 words. Currently on Google, the ranking for this keyword is sometimes the corresponding article? Sometimes it becomes the home page of the website (where the target keyword is included in the home page, The reason why...
  2. Great-X

    Is Keyword Cannibalization Bad?

    I am running a blog where I add an internal link with anchor text after two paragraphs (e.g., checkout target keyword) in every post (they are not related articles). But I needed some internal links. So I linked it. Because of this, I see the keyword cannibalization in the SERP with my site for...
  3. robin222

    About keyword cannibalization

    Will putting some links to other related articles at the bottom of a blog post cause keyword cannibalization? I've been putting links to other articles under some of my posts recently, and I've always found that my target keyword rankings change frequently.
  4. M

    Does bigger onsite keyword density make you rank higher for this keyword?

    Hi, I'm thinking about cannibalization. So I've read few articles about cannibalization, and there've been said you should target only one keyword within a page/URL. So my question is if you have more content about a specific topic such as smartphones. Doesn't it make your site rank higher for...
  5. Josh Saga

    Keyword Cannibalization Question

    Hello Dears, Here to ask if I'm doing my content planning right I have target money KW's being buying guides - example: Best Keyword for so and so Under this buying guide- I added other topics like "Kinds of Keyword, Keyword Tricks and Tips, Keyword Maintenance/Safety etc." But I'm not trying...
  6. kurosaki4d

    Question about Keyword Cannibalisation

    Hello, I have an article that is performing well for the keyword, ex: fast sports shoes for 100km And I have other articles in mind that I think that I can rank for. They have closely similar keywords, ex: fast sports shoes for 200m solid sports shoes for 100km Which leads me to my...
  7. Headlox

    Dealing with Keyword Cannibalization

    I will use fictive titles to illustrate my issue. I recently created a fairly short 450-word article called "Ferrari Racing Competition." Unfortunately, it has now outranked my 5000-word article "Ultimate Ferrari Driving Guide" for the keyword "Ferrari" and other keywords that are far more...
  8. ssbet

    Keyword Cannibalization

    Traffic and organic keyword count started to go down right after the update. Is this the case of the infamous keyword cannibalization? How do I solve this? Any feedback would be much appreciated
  9. TheGeekOwl


    Hello there, I hope you're an EXPERT and have some experience in the field of SEO, then only you'll be able to answer my question. If you're a NOOB, keep reading, you might find something you were IGNORING... So, my question is.. Let me first tell you, I just started my blog website, it's...
  10. M

    Keyword Canibalization

    Hi there, I have one big dilemma in front of me and can't decide how to structure certain aspects of my site. I am not sure if this would cause the so-called "keyword cannibalization". An example would be a Pizza site. Imagine I have two silos one where I have long articles and technical...
  11. jeffro89

    Is this Cannibalisation?

    So i have a site and im trying to figure out if im over optimising or not. Lets go ! So i have a page targeting grey cats, and target a different variation of the main keyword on sub heading. <H1> Grey cats</h1> <h3> Small grey cats</h3> On this site on each page i would have lets say 20...
  12. locobastard

    Content Planning and Keyword Cannibalization Question

    Let's say I want to rank for "best widgets", "best gas powered widgets", "best electric widgets" and "best hybrid widgets". Would it be better to write one article that includes all of these keywords or an article for each keyword? To better explain, here are examples of the 2 options: Option...
  13. M

    keyword cannibalization issues

    Hi This is my first post, hopefully someone can help me as I am having a nightmare with my site. I am struggling to rank and I think I have an issue with keyword cannibalization. When I did a quick check, with "orlando villas" being one of the big keywords I would like to target, Google has...
  14. lookylooky

    Keyword Cannibalization

    Hey guys, I've been trying to sort this out and get a handle on it for the past month or so and haven't been successful, so I bring my issue here for suggestions. I have a blog on my eCommerce site and the blog articles are cannibalizing my collection pages which I want to rank. I've tried...
  15. MrHusky

    Keyword Cannibalization Question

    Hey Guys! I'm a little bit confused about keyword cannibalization. So I'm trying to rank my foreign site for the keyword Search Engine Optimization (It's different in my language). So I have made a big blog post about: What is SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and different algorithm changes...