keyword cannibalization issues


Sep 6, 2018
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This is my first post, hopefully someone can help me as I am having a nightmare with my site. I am struggling to rank and I think I have an issue with keyword cannibalization.

When I did a quick check, with "orlando villas" being one of the big keywords I would like to target, Google has 140 results for this ("orlando villas" I have 141 pages on the site. So this is an absolute fail!

When I tried a less used keyword phrase on the site, "highlands reserve" I got 15 results back, which is a bit better. However, when I went on each page that was indexed and searched for "highlands reserve", 9 of those links did not even have that keyword on the page. When I viewed the page source, the only place the keyword was showing was here: <option value="Highlands-Reserve">Highlands Reserve</option> which is set within the filters.

If anyone could help me understand why the above are ranking for this, would an <option> value really be enough to rank? If so, any ideas how to prevent google from basically using this keyword and all the others listed in the filters?

Sorry, I know this is a long one. I have spent hours and hours reading blogs and trying to improve this and I have always had an issue with too many pages ranking for keywords I am wanting to attract.

Thanks in advance.