keyword analizer

  1. SERP Buster

    Why Search Volume is an under rated matric? Tips to use it effectively.

    Search volume is one of the most commonly used metrics in SEO and one it is not often utilized as according to its potential. As there are many ways to gage a search volume estimate for an keywords, like using tools like Google keyword planner or by third party tools like Semrush, Ahref and...
  2. IG Growth

    My Moz account at your disposal

    Taking advantage of that for now I have a Moz account and I do not have any project in mind, any member who needs help will give it to them through this tool. Feel free to ask as if we were lifelong friends, thank you very much for everything BHW, it is all I can offer you now. I will as soon...
  3. udayantha11

    keyword problem please help

    I have found the long-tail keyword " how to clean the doors very quickly" When I am going to give writers about this.. what is the primary keyword that I need to give? Clean doors is the primary keyword ????
  4. Bajanman

    Whats the best free/cheap competitor keyword tool????

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a good free or cheap competitor keyword analysis tool (Aside from google) that would functions something like spyfu?
  5. AzonGeezer

    What is the best SEO website analysis software?

    What software would you recommend to analyse my clients websites on their SEO value so I can make recommendations?
  6. dkv023

    Any free way to find low competition keywords?

    I`m using Neil Patel's Ubersuggest now. I take my competition's keywords. I put competitor's websites and export keys. I sort it by SEO difficulty score and manually watch every keyword in U.S google serp. I look up for a free spot in the serp. I look for a situation where is only 1-2...
  7. _Venom_

    How to analyze more keywords at once?

    How to analyze more keywords at once. I mean Keyword difficulty, monthly search volume, number of results in SERP, the average number of words in posts in TOP 10, etc...
  8. D

    How to find Keyword??

    hello, can anyone tell me how i can find keyword for my website? and how to find competitors keyword?
  9. S

    Best Keyword Planner Alternative

    Hi, So other than the regular, ahrefs, semrush etc.. which other tools do you use to get good keyword data.
  10. RealDaddy

    I am Confused.... Ahrefs vs Kwfinder

    I am confused with the metrics shown by different keyword tools. Please see the images below. Ahrefs Kwfinder Also from Ubersuggest ----->> What is your opinion?
  11. krenari

    Most accurate keyword difficulty service? Which one you think works best?

    Hi guys, Like all of you at some point of time, I am confused. I did SEO work before some years but now I see that everything has changed. What has remained the same is the value of ON-PAGE and keyword search. While I am doing keyword research, I am finding different data between different...
  12. Olivia grace

    keyword research

    hi, i'm start keyword research after 8 months. i want to know what's new tools or sites for get accurate details and is there a way to find more niches?
  13. D

    Which tools do you use for keyword difficulty & SERP tracker?

    Kindly share which SEO tools?
  14. R

    Keyword Difficulty Free Website

    Hello guys, Do you know any free website or software I can use to check the keyword difficulty for any keyword?
  15. BlackHatBubble

    Keyword Cannibalization

    I am building a strong case for keyword cannibalisation happening. Our pages provide product reviews, and the only difference between the keyword cannibalisating pages is the volume of output they produce, e.g brand/model/output-12 brand/model/output-20 brand/model/output-30 Before I proceed...
  16. mohanjackie

    This Is How I Do a Keyword Research.

    Hi Flocks, I was out of this BHW forum for some time, I earned some money outside the internet for expenses. I wanted to earn some handful of $ via blogging. so I am starting a how-to/tutorial blog and monetize with Adsense So This Is How I Do a Keyword Research. (i don"t know how much right...
  17. A

    Which is best Keyword analysis tool?

    I have found lots of tools for keyword analysis, but which one is best, i m confused!
  18. catwithhat

    Whats the best tool for checking TOP 10 serps?

    I want that tool check for TOP 10 results for certain keywords. I add in 100 keywords and add filter to search only for certain websites ranking in TOP 10. Example: Input: keywords "abc1, abc2, abc3..." and websites: "youtube", "reddit", weebly, "dailymotion" etc. Output: "abc1" - 1...
  19. F

    How to find what kws is some site ranking for

  20. E

    I want your ADVICE about this Keyword Analizer I developed

    I want some feedback and advices for a new software to analyze keywords I made. This video is from the very first version but the new version include other features to analyze the websites ranked in each keyword to find some unrelated or bad...
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