1. W

    WordPress on IPad in 2019

    It will be possible create website in the WordPress using just IPad?
  2. burnandfreeze

    ICloud Lock Removal?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know how do i remove icloud activation lock from an ios device? Be it an iphone or ipad
  3. wejee

    Apple Uploader Site/Software?

    I can develop 5html iOS apps, but can't upload them without a Mac. Is there a website or software that I can use to upload to the Apple store? *Please, no offers to do it for me.* If there is not a website through which you can upload to Apple, that might be a subscription project for someone...
  4. noxiop

    Unlock iPhone From Carrier?

    Hey BlackHat. This forum seems to always be trustworthy so I want to ask if any of those unlock websites work. I have a iphone 7 that is blocked by T-mobile. Could I unlock it then use it with any other provider like nothing happened? If so, how to do it? Are any of these websites that say...
  5. ibuytraffic

    Need iOS traffic - Paid daily!!

    I need someone to generate lots of iOS traffic (iPhone/iPad user agent). I'm looking to spend $250 - $300 daily for the right person. I pay via Paypal every day. Please message me if you can provide service and we'll go from there. Thanks.
  6. S

    Decompile IPA

    I need someone with the ability to decompile and extract the source code of an IPad App. If you are also able to make 3 simple modifications to the App, I will be happy to hire your services to do that too. Please do not respond to this unless you are actually capable of doing the job.
  7. J

    Traffic from Pinterest to blog

    Hey people, Can anyone let me know some good ideas to gain traffic from pinterest to blog/website? I want to rank my board as well in some paticular keyword. How do i do that? I have tried few off page methods but want to rank it to gain traffic. Anyone please share your knowledge on this.
  8. E

    iPhone 4 , 4s, 5 and iPad 4, mini, etc. Parts Needed!!

    Hey guys I'm new here.. I've dealt with some chinese suppliers on dhgate, alibaba, etc. and have had some OKAY luck. Anyone have any hook ups on a reliable supplier for iPhone and iPad spare parts? Any help will be greatly appreciated...........
  9. 2

    ++** Attention Affiliates - Hot New Clickbank Product- $45+ per sale, HUGE Niche **++

    Hey Guys, I wanted to introduce everyone to a brand new product in the iPad niche. "Tap by Tap Video Lessons for the iPad and iPad mini" has just been approved and launched on Clickbank. It's a series of 120 bite-sized video lessons that cover everything the iPad can do from the basics to...
  10. P

    **Wholesale in the UK for iphone, ipad, products**

    We are a company based in the UK supplying business with iphone, ipad Accessories. Great products at great prices. Profit is great for buyers who want to sell on eBay, who have shops. Products will include iphone charges, Cases and many more products please feel me to message me on here I will...
  11. T

    Wholesale The New Ipad 3 Folio Cases and 360 Rotating Cases

    Hello BHW! I am importer part-time and IM part-time :) If anyone of you are looking to do any any E-commerce Business, Ebay, Amazon, Buycom. I have wholesale cases available. You will make good profit on this item and my prices are super low. I have over 38 different styles too choose from...
  12. B

    Before I ever knew about BHW or marketing... I was making $500 a week. Super Noob Friendly

    Short and simple Method. Would post more but my thread keeps getting flagged by the moderation system *sigh 1. Have 250 2. Go on craigslist and search for iPads / iPhones / iPods 3. Check how much they're going for on Amazon or Ebay 4. Approach the seller on craigslist and offer to buy. Make...
  13. jeanlance

    Help Regarding shipping of product from canada to india

    I Have a client ( friend ) in Canada me and him work on web sites he wants to send his Ipad to me i live in India what is the cheapest and most secure way to get the ipad to me Any one help with possible best solution
  14. S

    Where to promote 349$ apple iPads?

    Hi! I've found this offer - 150$ discount on the official 16GB ipad price - that pays 20$. I'm not sure whether to advertise it on facebook or adsense, any suggestions from experienced users?
  15. healzer

    [WTB] iPad or other Tablet (android) - trial order

    I would like to buy a Tabled (ASUS EEE TRANSFORMER) or iPad. The problem with Ebay, Amazon, etc... is that I am not able to buy stuff using my Paypal (it uses address from paypal which is not correct, neither fully verified). I'd like to buy a trial order for a good tablet (setup trusted...
  16. N

    in need of a iphone 4s, ipad3 supplier

    I'm in need of an apple supplier...iPhones ipads macbooks....maybe even some blackberry or Samsung phones/tablets...supplier MUST be reputable, accept pay pal, and not sell garbage. Drop shipping would be awesome....but not necessary...please e-mail me with your product/price lists/websites at...
  17. F

    IPad Colour Choice & Win

    click Link & Submit your email & win IPAD If you have to ask that question I?d suggest taking a deep breath and waiting until you can actually try the iPad 2 out yourself, read multiple reviews, talk to friends about their experiences with it. Apple won?t give you a door prize for buying an...
  18. F

    Ipad 2 Color Choice

    iPad 2 Covers Steal the Show iPad 2 covers may have stolen the show at the recent iPad 2 announcement. Apple?s created the iPad 2 Smart Cover. The cover design is genius in its simplicity. The iPad 2 covers come in 10 different color options and they adhere/magneticallyto special metal spots...
  19. built2blast

    I need a short the zombie survival e-book/guide

    I had this idea a few weeks ago. I want to promote this on the Amazon Kindle marketplace and the Apple store so that people can just download the book on their Kindles or iPads. if you are interested let me know how much you would charge.
  20. luminus

    Kindle, Nook, Ipad?

    I need the help of the readers in the room! There are very few, if any, threads about this. So what do you all use? I'm a frequent reader who is usually between 3-6 books at any given time. I also have a lot of [black and white] PDFs and ebooks to go through. What would you choose...
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