Wholesale The New Ipad 3 Folio Cases and 360 Rotating Cases

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    Sep 12, 2011
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    Hello BHW!

    I am importer part-time and IM part-time :)

    If anyone of you are looking to do any any E-commerce Business, Ebay, Amazon, Buycom.

    I have wholesale cases available. You will make good profit on this item and my prices are super low.

    I have over 38 different styles too choose from.

    Please be aware, that any sellers selling the Ipad 2 360 Rotating Cases, as Ipad 3 is FALSE! The Ipad 2 will not fit in the New Ipad 3 Cases, because it has different dimensions.

    My cases are the updated new mold.

    The MOQ is 50pcs with Free Shipping to the USA.

    I accept Paypal Only, or if you are in the NJ/NYC Area, we can deliver too or pick up from my warehouse.

    PM ME for more details. My prices are CHINA PRICES, buy direct here from the USA :)

    Thank you!