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IPad Colour Choice & Win

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by fisa99, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. fisa99

    fisa99 Newbie

    Nov 10, 2011
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    click Link & Submit your email & win

    If you have to ask that question I?d suggest taking a deep breath and waiting until you can actually try the iPad 2 out yourself, read multiple reviews, talk to friends about their experiences with it.
    Apple won?t give you a door prize for buying an iPad 2 on launch day and this Friday will likely be the worst day to buy one. Apple is kicking off iPad 2 sales at 5pm local time, which means Apple fanboys of all sorts will be lined up by the time you get there. Apple typically puts new products up for sale when doors open, which means only the truly dedicated Apple fans are there bright and early.
    Whenever possible, I recommend trying out any mobile device before buying it. On Friday Apple will be in the business of taking payments and rushing customers out the door. You can forget about playing with an iPad 2 and having an Apple rep answer any of your concerns before asking which model you want and how you?d like to pay for it. Wait for a few days and you?ll get your chance to check out the iPad 2 thoroughly at an Apple store or elsewhere.
    Only a few dozen reviewers have even had a chance to try out the iPad 2 so far. It can take several days to get a sense of what a device is like in the real world and nobody?s published a full review yet. The early iPad 2 review we published here was based on the experience of using an iPad 2 in a controlled environment and limited time with the device.
    Apple typically sends a handful of devices to its favorite reviewers a few days ahead of a launch with the understanding that their reviews won?t be published until shortly before the device goes on sale. While these reviews are often of high quality, let?s just say that Apple?s wise enough to pick and choose reviewers that aren?t highly critical of their devices. If you want to get the real dirt on the iPad 2, wait to make your decision until there are several reviews published. You?ll likely find an iPad 2 review that covers your usage scenario and concerns.