1. komo22

    Investing & Youtube Journey to 7 Figures

    Between these multiple investment streams and a YouTube channel updating the status on them, lets see how long it takes me to reach 7 figures as well as a monetizable YouTube channel. Stock Market (Taxable & Retirement Account): $91,766 Robinhood (Tecnical Trading): $2,515 Wealthfront...
  2. Toz

    [!?] WTF @ Robinhood :mad:

    Uhh, so I just randomly received this email: The problem is that I never placed a market order to sell anything. So I Googled it and this sorts of thing seems to happen to a lot of people. This is nuts!
  3. S

    Forex Ads

    Hey guys, I know that probably I won't get any precise or useful answer on this topic since why would anyone tell you the secrets on running Forex campaigns without getting rejected, but I do believe this community is awesome and someone will reach out and help me :) As already mentioned, I'm...
  4. NiceDogey

    My Crypto Portfolio Updated Daily - Share Yours!

    Youtube is full of people charging money for their crypto portfolio and me for tracking purpose will use this thread to keep track of my portfolio and motivate myself. I also want to check what others got in their portfolio so share yours too. This thread i will update each day together with my...
  5. davids355

    If you invested $1000 in bitcoin

    Saw this on Twitter - It made me think; if you invested that same $1000 in Bitcoin 10 years ago, what would it be worth now? Snippet - The first such instance occurred in 2011. Bitcoin's price jumped from $1 in April of that year to a peak of $32 in June, a gain of 3200% within three short...
  6. mindmaster

    Are you investing or gambling? Reality check [Crypto]

    I see a lot of talk about cryptos lately. Everyone is throwing big words and talks about INVESTING in crypto. Let's get something straight. What most are talking about is: GAMBLING. Why? Simply because most rely on hope and hype. Not to mention those that buy when the market is already up...
  7. Nw_Work

    Your honest opinion on trading in USA stock market?

    How has it been for you? Have you been able to curb your losses or took the hit on bad decisions? Overall has it been a profitable venture or a loss making one just Interested to see everyone's views:) Best Regards, NW
  8. Nw_Work

    Anyone knows a good software that analysis any country stock market and give out accurate stock predictions??

    This is something I am looking for hopefully someone knows an online tool or software that does all the tough comparisons and analysis and gives out the most accurate info needed to make good decisions on entry and exit points. Best Regards, NW
  9. GideonKe

    Today I read the forbes list and started questioning blogging as a business model

    I am using the "Income School" - Approach. I am starting to doubt whether I don't waste my time with that. I am writing about topics that are being searched for and season my posts with affiliate links. But I think: I am investing a lot of time into research, write something that is open for...
  10. zankocunik

    #BYND IS IT A BUY?????

    Bynd missed earnings for about 600% and the stock is trading at about 120USD in the premarket. Is it a buy when market opens? Can it go any lower?
  11. curious_

    Angel investing as a non-accredited investor

    Hello BHW people, I have a question: If you live in the US and if you want to do angel investments, you need to be an accredited investor. Accredited investor is the person who has: - Income of $200k, or $300k with spouse, in each of past 2 years and expecting same or more this year - Net...
  12. alurosu

    This is how you trade BTC, big fish are coming

    I can't even imagine that much money
  13. CokeAndCake

    [Guide] How to beat the pros at investing!

    I know this title sounds like clickbait, but it is not. Not at all. I'm not going to show you some "secret", but rather a well established fact: Most professional investment fund managers don't "beat the market". Don't believe me? According to the spiva scorecard 2019 (they keep track of...
  14. T

    Best Advice or course for a new Trader to get started !

    hello BHW, I'm trying to learn the technical and fundamental aspects of trading like reading charts, strategies, indicators, Risk to Reward, and other cool stuff. I'm following 2-3 well-known traders and learning their strategies but I have some problem for choosing the right guy to learn...
  15. terinah14

    Should I keep investing?

    Hello guys, so I have been trying retail for a few years now but somehow I can't seem to sit on one niche. I keep my own inventory as I don't have much money to maintain a dropshipping store for now (long shipping time is risky because I may drain my budget) I now decided to focus on selling...
  16. JVRZ

    Thoughts on P2P lending?

    I recently came across the concept of P2P lending when I saw a platform called Mintos. Have any of you used this platform or P2P in general? I was thinking of playing around with it and adding it to my porftolio of investments (mostly stocks, some crypto and some P2P) I am 18 so my time horizon...
  17. Rey Roy

    Banks are the weak point of this economy..

    Banks are the weak point of this economy.. You bring them 1k in savings, they have rights (given them by the governments) to give 30k in loans away, based on your 1k. It means that they just made 29k from the thin air, while you had to work hard to earn that 1k... I call it the Ghost Money...
  18. T

    What's a guaranteed legit way to repeatably double your money?

    Preferably something that doesn't risk losing it all at once. I don't care how long it may take. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  19. addictedtolearning

    Selling Trading Courses

    Hey all, So, I've been fortunate enough to come across a stock and crypto trading mentor. He's been doing it full time almost 2 decades, and the methods I've learned from him aren't ones you just find on the internet. On top of that, I've gotten upwards of $50,000 worth of courses from him...
  20. BusinessSmack

    My Journey | Creating A Course

    Background I've been trading since 2011 and now make a decent portion of my income off of it. Summer last year I launched a YT channel to 1. grow a network (trading can get a bit hermity), 2. ideally - help other people get into the market after getting overwhelmed with friend questions, and 3...