1. BusinessSmack

    My Journey | Creating A Course

    Background I've been trading since 2011 and now make a decent portion of my income off of it. Summer last year I launched a YT channel to 1. grow a network (trading can get a bit hermity), 2. ideally - help other people get into the market after getting overwhelmed with friend questions, and 3...
  2. GenesisOne

    [Just Curious ? - Form Vs Code - Stephen Curry Investment Advice

    I found this article while login into my email: Stephen Curry won't invest in CBD, blockchain, or gambling I guess this article could be controversial to BHW likings, but what I found interesting...
  3. 3tails - What's your experience?

    In a nutshell, is a high yield savings account that allows the deposit of cryptocurrency and euros. The site also allows for heavily collateralized loans. The currency put into your account is used to help fund the loans mentioned beforehand. Many banks do this anyway, so I'm not...
  4. R

    In-Depth Guide on Researching ICO Projects

    Found this amazing guide for anyone wanting to invest in ICO projects: TLDR: dont believe the hype read white paper be judgmental of design research the MVP research team follow announcements analyze social...
  5. P

    Investing Online? $1,000 Monthly

    Good evening Ladies and Gentleman of the BHW, I'll do my best to spare your time by being as quick and concise as possible. Been copywriting online for 5 years. Born and living in a 2nd world country. Low monthly expenses. Have been making around $2-$3K a month for 2-3 years. Extreme...
  6. james13

    Need hot leads for crypto currency!

    Where to find them? Please pm if interested to work with me.
  7. AnEvilBurrito

    [Help]Have money to invest but no time, what to do?

    Hey guys I have saved up quite a bit over the last two years and are looking to do IM seriously. However, I am still an university student and my holidays will end in a month. My university course work is tough (double degree) and I figure that I will not have a lot of time to develop things...
  8. Ngo

    Quickest way to make $20,000 from $10,000?

    Want to see how wise we here are about _investing_ money to make money and not just finding methods to make money. How would you quickly make $20k from $10k you won in a lottery? How would you make more? Edit: I read somewhere that only about 4% people who win $10k will manage to make it $20k+...
  9. slimdz

    What is the best investment that you've made so far?

    making money online is getting easier i think but, investing them the right way is the hard part... did you invest money in something before? it would be helpful if you tell about your experience :)
  10. jmvmoon

    Best way to invest $100 - $300

    I want to start making money online and I have this range of funds available to invest. What would be the best way to invest this money? I know how to use Shopify and I know some things about affiliate marketing. However I want some opinions and ideas about what is the best method for me and...
  11. SirJackneeOff

    Robo Investors, Yay or Nay?

    I am interested to see BHW member's thoughts on who you use for robo investing. I got into the stock market in 2009 at the perfect time, now I am a little older and really do not want to research individual companies stocks anymore. I rather put some money in with a robo investor and have the...
  12. Y

    What kind of music you hear while you trade?

    Hello, Do you listen any music while you trade? I have tried with many different kinds, but I think classical music is the most appropriate to remain discipline focus and calm.
  13. ArtisanSEO

    [AMA] Ask a Crypto Currency trader anything

    I have been been managing funds and margin trading Bitcoin and alts full time for over 2 years now, it's been a crazy thrilling ride. :D To celebrate this I'd like to give back some advice to this community as it has helped me a lot during my IM days. So ask away, I will answer any trading /...
  14. A Jason

    What should I invest my money in?

    Hi guys, I've got $50 dollars to spend, and I'm trying to figure out the best guaranteed (it could be long term I don't mind waiting) way to make more money out of this. I'm willing to work hard and do whatever it takes, and $50 is all I have. It doesn't matter if it will take 30 days or a...
  15. L

    best indicator for binary option

    Hello which is the best indicator for binary option can some one please tell me thanks
  16. A

    How do I invest my online earned money ?

    Reading lots of posts on blackhatworld, and trying different things I have been able to generate about 15$/day income. But I have to work hard for that. Now I want to spend that money on something thats easy. I don't want ethical way. I would like to learn some easy blackhat way of earning quick...
  17. avilux

    How to make $200K and counting while all the news sites call you a SCAM

    These guys could not give 2 shits about Hacked coming out and writing this latest gem about them: *EDIT* you dont have to read the Hacked article, just pointing out that got called out by a "reputable" source Or when you...
  18. frzs90

    Cryptos prices are still going down. When and what should I buy?

    I missed the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin when it was under $500, and also missed the opportunity to invest in Ethereum. Now I see that BTC, ETH, and basically all cryptocurrencies are going down since 12-14th of June 2017, so I've deposited some money on Coinbase ready to invest in any of...
  19. G

    Spending my first couple 100$ on IG

    Hello, After alot of reading and learning of this forum, it was time for me to actually write something myself. Excuse me if my use of language is incorrect. A long time i've been trying to monetize any social media platform. No big money or any. Anything was fine. Now, after saving some $$. I...
  20. B

    Google Spreadsheet for real time market data from 52 exchanges and coinmarketcap

    Recently I made a Google Spreadsheet for myself to monitor my portfolio of cryptocurrencies and market data . What it can do: Monitoring of prices in real time. 14 exchanges are supported: BitFinex, Bitstamp,Bittrex,Bleutrade,BTC-E,C-Cex,Cex...