interspire email marketer

  1. K

    Interspire how to pause job automatically

    Hi I wrote code in php that is checking what hour is on a server. I want to add this function to pause campaign. Do anyone know where this should be add. I want achieve the same result like by click on button Pause that is sending get request -...
  2. E

    Want To Setup An Email Server For Clickbank

    Hi, I am a new member in this forum. I want to promote my clickbank products through email marketing. So, I have setup an email server using: VPS (Amazon AWS) Domain (Namecheap) Interspire Email Marketer SMTP (Sparkpost) When I have send mails, those are going to SPAM directly.I don't...
  3. Zavarzin

    Interspire Email Maketer Help - WYSIWYG editor doesn't show up

    Hi, I installed nulled IEM 1.6.1 but there is no WYSIWYG editor when creating email but only a text box to input HTML code. Does anyone know what can be causing the issue? Thanks in advance!
  4. H

    Interspire Email Marketer Help

    Hi BHW members, I need help regarding Interspire Email Marketer , i need to change all soft bounces to hard bounces status, the soft bounce will change to hard bounce only after 5 times , so i need to change it from the source code to 1 so it will marked a hard bounce from the first time...
  5. Zavarzin

    Interspire problem - any suggestions?

    I have installed Interspire on my server and have configured it to send emails through another SMTP server (cluster server). I sent a test campaign to my emails. Half of emails ended up into spam folders and half have landed into inbox. First off when email arrives it shows "sent from" email...
  6. RichardUK

    Need Someone to Teach Me How To Set Up Interspire With Postfix

    Need someone to show me how to set up Interspire with Postfix...basically so it sends fast using multiple IPs. I don't need someone to set it up for me, Ive done that a long time and its not convenient for me because I regularly by new set ups and I'm getting tired of technician taking forever...
  7. S

    Interspire Email Marketer - Question - ?I

    Hi guys, A couple a days ago started using ClickBank affilate email marketing. Since i've got 1.5M australian emails. I'm using Interspire Email Marketer for sending emails and installed it in on a 6$ VPS at, but my problem is that the script consumes to much RAM. Don't know if any of...
  8. T

    interspire custom email programmer for hire

    Hello, I would like to find a expert in interspire email marketer who can completely custom develop interspire interface and functionality. Must also be expert in cakephp. Looking forward to offering an excellent opportunity to the right candidate...
  9. K

    nterspire Error / In Progress (Sent to 0 / 0)

    Jobs_Send_API::Jobs_Send_API::ProcessJob -- Cannot find statid. Previous preliminary job process did not get finalized (either CRON died, or it hasn't finished proces ... Internal Nov 13 2013 01:17:01 ERROR LOG Jobs_Send_API::Jobs_Send_API::ProcessJob -- Cannot find statid. Previous...
  10. A

    Interspire Email Marketer - Security (my emails lists)

    Hi! I recently hired someone to configure a server for me and to setup Interspire Email Marketer. I never used Interspire before and want to be sure that my email lists are fully protected. Is it enough to change the password of my Interspire account to ensure that "the guy" can't access the...
  11. A

    need bulk email server with interspire and powermta solution

    We are looking for somebody having sufficient experience in setting up an email server (using Interspire including listed addons and Power MTA) which is able to send about 400k emails per day. Currently we are using a 3rd party webbased bulkmail solution (including sending accounts and monthly...
  12. V

    Email Marketing Tips And Tricks

    Ready to try email marketing? Following some best practices, email marketing can be a great way to gain brand recognition, improve conversion rates, land new customers, and grow your marketing return on investment. However, it's is not as simple as sending a message and getting the...
  13. loophole

    Wanted: Someone to set up Interspire Email Marketer with Amazon SES SMTP

    Hello, I am looking for someone who know how to properly set up Interspire Email Marketer so that it uses Amazon SES SMTP gateway. The set up must be optimized for maximum sending speed and inbox hit rate. Regards
  14. R

    Increase email delivery rates by finding out who’s putting you in the junkbox

    An email feedback loop (FBL) is a service that many ISPs will provide to companies who send bulk mailings. On their end, it?s beneficial because it identifies pro-active companies and reduces the amount of spam sent to their users. On your end, this is very beneficial because the #1 reason...
  15. N

    Interspire Email Marketer - how to remove NULLED BY

    For those of you who have the latest nulled version of interspire email marketer and would like to MODIFY the "nulled by ..... (name of nuller)" this is how you do it. Open this file: /admin/functions/process.php Go to line 69: change it to whatever you want To leave some credit back...
  16. soulless1

    Help With Interspire Email Marketer

    Hello BHW I have been reading through alot of post trying to nail this issue.. I have the latest version of IEM (Bad Syntax Version) . I have been back and forth with hostgator for 2days on this.. I have a vps through hostagator, everything is set up correctly with IEM , but my test emails...
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