Interspire problem - any suggestions?


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Jan 2, 2010
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I have installed Interspire on my server and have configured it to send emails through another SMTP server (cluster server).

I sent a test campaign to my emails. Half of emails ended up into spam folders and half have landed into inbox.

First off when email arrives it shows "sent from" email to be my cluster server emails ( instead of contact list owner email that I specified in the Edit Contact List.

Second the global footer (with company info and unsubscribe link) I have set up was not attached to the emails.

Lastly I asked the hosting support to set up a cron job for me (since I don't have access to cron settings) and the cron was running but the mail were not being sent with cron so I had to disable it and send normally.

Does anyone knows what is causing the issues here, especially the "sent from" email and the footer one?

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