Need Someone to Teach Me How To Set Up Interspire With Postfix

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    Dec 18, 2012
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    Need someone to show me how to set up Interspire with Postfix...basically so it sends fast using multiple IPs.

    I don't need someone to set it up for me, Ive done that a long time and its not convenient for me because I regularly by new set ups and I'm getting tired of technician taking forever or disappearing when I really need help.

    I need the set up because email marketing is how I get leads for my client, I don't need to learn for any other reason. I earn more sending emails than I would doing setups

    I have a copy of Interspire, I have managed to set it up running before but it only used 1 IP and was running really slow

    Will pay $100 for instructions and successful set up... It will use Centos 6 if you want... so far I used this and Plesk..not sure if my host has cPanel unless you know how to add cpanel yourself