instagram scraping

  1. byrd

    Issues with instagram scraping today

    Hi, did anyone else experience problems with Instagram scraping quite recently? It seems like I can't scrape anymore, Instagram is redirecting us to the sign-in page directly. I am using rotating mobile proxies. Anyone any idea?
  2. crystalwiz

    $0.0009 per Email Verification ❤️ ESPs Kiss

    Refund Policy: due to API costs, we cannot entertain refunds once we complete the cleaning process. _______ For inquiries, contact: [email protected] Skype:
  3. WhiteHatCoder

    [GET] Custom Made Bots, Automation Tools, Chrome Extensions, and other Coding Related tasks

    CONTACT ======================== Email: [email protected] Telegram: Skype: Username: WhiteHat Coder SkypeId: live:.cid.e9cc74a3b7f64180 Invite Link: Note: ======================== For some things, I may be...
  4. maxy007

    ☑️ [ Good for IG Repost ] ☑️ [ Bulk Photo & Video Edit ] Instagram Downloader ( Posts, Stories, Reel, IGTV ) - Posts Scraper - H...

    - what does The tool actually do? Downloader : ‎- Download all type of posts like photo ,video ,slider ,reels or IGTV . ‎- Download Stories ,Highlight Stories . ‎- Get also detailed info about post downloaded (owner info, text ,time, tags ,...) ‎ also info for Stories like...
  5. crystalwiz

    [Giveaway] 5000 free Instagram email list scraped from a hashtag

    Hey guys, Just thought I would contribute positively to the BlackHatWorld community. I scraped this 5000 Instagram users by the hashtag #fitnesscoaching This is useful for the fitness niche. All users have an email address guaranteed. See: Emails (guaranteed) Full name (guaranteed) Phone...
  6. eaglehunter

    Need to scrape the followers of a username on instagram

    What I need is very simple, I need someone to scrape the followers of a specific username on instagram The only filter being: - These usernames need to have more than 5,000 followers. Can anyone do this since I need it very urgently?
  7. eaglehunter

    Simple Instagram scraper

    Hey all, I am looking for a tool to scrape instagram. I used to use Followliker back then and I know Jarvee does this but its expensive to pay 29$ for only the scraping service. Looking for: - User's followers - Users that liked a certain picture - Users that commented on a certain picture...
  8. jakeiii21

    How to Get Instagram User's Location on Bio, Post, Tags?

    Hellow BHW i'm searching through this forum about on how to get the IG user's location on Bio post or tags. is there any way to provide this information? IGAUDIT.IO is dead. is this possible on Jarvee? i just really need to know on this. Let me know about this if you have some. Thanks a lot BHW!
  9. InstaOmega

    How to scrape Instagram for emails and phone numbers!

    Hi BHW, This is a follow up post on my last tutorial thread on how to scrape Instagram. I'll leave the link here for easy reference: So basically if you are trying to get emails/phone numbers from Instagram there are 2 ways...
  10. InstaOmega

    How to scrape Instagram

    Hi BHW community, I wanted to make this post to educate anyone in the community about how to get started scraping Instagram. I am a big believer in democratizing data and a major component of data aggregation is scraping! Web scraping is not a new concept and there are many ways to get it...
  11. B

    What's a Instagram scraper tool for keywords in bio?

    Can someone please share a good tool (free or premium) that can scrape username/user id for IG, according to gender, geo, and keyword in bio?
  12. KartikJha

    [GIVEAWAY] 10000 Follower details in CSV format of ANY Instagram account

    Giving away free CSV details of followers of ANY Instagram account you need. 1. Like this thread 2. Comment "Yes" 3. I will DM you and ask you whose followers you want to get PS: If you need more than 10k, feel free to ask but it will be FCFS basis. Delivery: 12-24 hours max Cheers! Edit...
  13. D

    Developer with Instagram Scraping experience

    I’m looking for a developer with good instagram scraping experience for various ongoing projects. I’m a developer/founder of 20 years and have done plenty of scraping but I have little experience with Insta so I’m looking to pass off various interesting projects to someone else. anyone here...
  14. I

    Scrapping 700k instagram followers

    Hello I want to scrape all my Instagram followers (around 700k at the moment) I've been trying to scrape it with Jarvee (scrape tools) but it always stops at around 15-100k. Does someone know how i can do this? All i need is my followers username. Thanks :)
  15. S

    List of fake and real instagram accounts for a research project

    Hi guys, apologies if this is not the right forum for this question. I am doing a Data Mining and Machine Learning research project to identify fake accounts on Instagram. The main obstacle is the training dataset, which is a list of Instagram accounts that we know for sure is either FAKE or...
  16. N

    (Ask)Tools for scraping all image from 1 instagram account

    hello.. i want to scrape all image from 1 instagram account. it will be better if i can download all the image instantly. is there any way or tools to do this?