instagram reach

  1. D

    How to increase dropped engagement and reach on Instagram?

    The problem that I am having is the drop in engagement and reach on my Instagram page after recovering my disabled account. My account was disabled from Instagram for 1 week since it was a mistake by their bots. After reactivating it, my reach and engagement have dropped. Has anyone experienced...
  2. P

    I will organically grow your instagram account

    An effective way to build your Instagram account (I will organically grow your Instagram account) Grow your Instagram account and gain more reach! WHAT DO YOU GET FOR $40? 2 Weeks(overall 3 weeks)(One-week warm-up) Growth (Max Speed) Increase Your Target Followers base Increase Your...
  3. akki1212

    Do similar posts get similar reach on Instagram?

    Hi all, I have a very surprising observation to share with the community. I have read in a number of articles that the Instagram algorithm decides the reach of posts based on how a sample of users interact with the post. In the past weeks, I have posted a few posts with almost similar...
  4. Myst3ry

    [CASE STUDY] Hashtags Power for Huge Instagram Reach ✅

    Hey guys. I have one Instagram profile which I use it just for fun. I do everything manually(follow/unfollow/post/repost). I came across to this thread and I have implemented it immediately...
  5. Saly Verona

    MMF-SMM.COM - Instagram Engagement SMM Panel | Dripfeed | Automatic Services | First-Line Provider❤️

    What kind of services do you offer? Here at we are focused on Instagram engagement-related services. What is the delivery speed? Usually, services start in 5-15 minutes later of the order received. In case of heavy system workload - orders go into a first-come, first-served...
  6. fxmanaged

    Effect of Creating/Running New Instagram Account from Existing Device(s)

    I'm not sure if we'll ever have verifiable proof on this, but I would love to hear your thoughts. We have multiple Instagram business & personal pages that we manually run/access from multiple devices...iPhones/Androids, Tablets, PCs, etc. Since our businesses are run by multiple people in the...
  7. S

    Help Needed With Instagram Engagement!

    Hello bhw members, I have a instagram page with 200k followers but my engagement is only 1.50%, i use hashtags from (not affiliated with this) but still i am having no growth in engagement, I use hashtags only related to my broad niche but still nothing is changing...
  8. H

    Instagram Algorithm Update (July 2019)

    Hi there everyone, hope you doing well:)! In the past days I stopped using powerlikes, as Fuelgram was down, and I was doing really well without those powerlikes. I was able to rank my repost accounts on hashtags and explore and go viral with photos, videos and IGTV. But, since the last...
  9. D

    Instagram impressions and reaches help

    I have my own personal travel account on Instagram where I share my own photography it currently has 18.5k followers. For a month now my Impressions and reaches are dropping every day. my impressions are currently 8,620 and my reach is 3,211. Does anyone know how I can boost my impressions and...
  10. Aveil

    Is it possible to add a phone number to an IG account but not allowing people to find you?

    What I mean is, when you add your phone to your IG account, you start popping up in your contact's suggestions and vice versa. I've been avoiding adding my phone number to my IG for that reason but I think not having it linked with a phone number restrict my account in some way (maybe with reach...
  11. Speppo

    Instagram killed my reach

    Hi guys, I've an Instagram account that suddenly had (4-5 days ago) a decrease in my reach. This is not a botted account, I was doing fine until I noticed a drop of about 30-40% in every post. I only post quality so I don't think that's the problem. Is this normal? I'm very angry right now, is...
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