instagram growing

  1. john kennedy

    1200 following per day in follow 4 follow method

    actually iam into the instagram game for 5-6 months now. And I've grown many accounts organically and sell them and I offer growth service too and then I thought to scale my insta buisness and planned to hire a freelancer then I was referred to a freelancer who offers instagram growth...
  2. D

    What is the best Instagram Growth method in 2019

    Hi I am a Instagram travel blogger on Instagram and have around 24k followers but struggling to grow. I am lossing engagement and not gaining any followers. Does anyone know a Instagram method to grow and help boost engagement also. Like does the mass story view of child/slave, mother/slave...
  3. D

    Instagram growth strategy I

    Hi, I am a travel blogger with a account of 23.4k followers on Instagram and since all the new Instagram updates, my account is is only getting 20 followers a day. Has anyone found a method that is effective and won't get your account banned. I don't want to use mother/salve method as it is...
  4. arnautulucas

    Instagram growing problem

    Greetings. 2 weeks ago I created a new skincare niche account. Since then, I've been able to collect just 280 followers. I want to mention that I use jarvee and post 3 times a day, and yet I have a maximum of 5-10 followers a day. I have problems with the hashtags, I've tried everything. I have...
  5. D

    Ii need some Instagram hashtag help

    I have a travel account where I showcase my own travel photos. I have tried doing 25 hastags in a post and also 15 and picked ones from 5k to 600k and my impressions for the hastags on my photos is from 5 to 300. How do improve my impressions for my hastags on Instagram and does anyone have a...
  6. D

    Looking for someone to help me setup Instagram child method

    Hi, Looking for someone to help me set up the Instagram child method, so I can fun it on my own.
  7. D

    Instagram growth Help

    I have a travel theme/repost account that its reaches are dropping. I am posting about 2 to 3 viral posts a day and I have 120 DM groups and in the 15k travel pod in infincore. I am also using Powerviews from That is all I am doing and my reach is dropping each day.# Anyone know...
  8. bmanfacts

    [INFO THREAD] Running A Successful Giveaway

    I recently ran a giveaway on one of my accounts for something and after having some mediocre, but promising results I was curious what has been your most successful giveaway campaign on IG? What was your target? (more followers, more engagement, link clicks, product downloads, etc.) What did...
  9. H

    What's wrong with this month?

    So i've been growing 10 accounts back in July. Everything went smoothly, so i decided after break to do it again And now im getting 2-3 bans and 3-4 PVa+emails on daily basis. What's going on? No links in bio, all photos edited before posting, different captions and hashtags, 60-100 follows/h...
  10. D

    Liking for Instagram travel/nature/blogger shoutout groups

    I am looking for any travel, nature, landscape and blogger shoutout groups. I don't want any fake groups or no bot ones.
  11. D

    Need a Instagram growth strategy.

    I have a personal travel accounts and a travel repost/feature account and I will would like to have a plan/strategy for getting more followers and reaches as dm groups are not working anymore since the new Instagram algorithm.
  12. D

    Instagram Growth Help

    I have a travel blog personal account on Instagram that is @travelweekli I currently stopped using a bot to follow and unfollow, as I have heard that it can damage your account engagement rate and instagram will also lower you reachers rate. I am currently removing the 5000 followers I am...
  13. ddlmanager

    Growing IG poetry account

    Hello everyone, Recently i started running a poetry IG page in a foreign language. All the poems are unique and written by my girlfriend, therefore our main goal is to become a kind of "authority" in this field. We started the page 1 month and 1 week ago, and by now we managed to get 600...
  14. Alex D.

    How many followers to start earning from shoutouts

    How many followers do I need to start receiving offers for shoutouts on instagram. Also what is the most profitable niche, is it traveling? My plan is to start 30 accounts in traveling niche so if I receive only one offer per account monthly it means that I will have daily income. After few...
  15. ljbawss

    Instagram Growth - Pushing girlfriend’s page to 100k+ followers

    Background About 2 years ago I started to document my fitness lifestyle on Instagram. This page grew to about 25k followers; mainly through manual follow/unfollow. I promoted some products on the page in exchange for the free products. I also signed up with a company that connects influencers...
  16. L

    Would it be effective to make accounts to use as bots for promoting a main account?

    I have an account with 2.2k followers that I am trying to grow organically. If I were to make another account or two and pay for a bot to run on those two accounts, with each account having a username/bio/posts to promote the 2.2k follower account, would that be effective? I was just trying to...