1200 following per day in follow 4 follow method

john kennedy

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Oct 10, 2020
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actually iam into the instagram game for 5-6 months now. And I've grown many accounts organically and sell them and I offer growth service too

and then I thought to scale my insta buisness and planned to hire a freelancer

then I was referred to a freelancer who offers instagram growth service at low price

Now I'll tell you what he does

Everyone says

1)that we should not follow more than 100-150 people with newly created account because that's the warmup phase
2)we should not mass dm
3)and if the account is old enough we should not follow more than 500-600 people per day

He did the exact opposite to the sayings LoL
1)setsup the page on the first day
2)followed 1200 people one the second day of creation of the instagram account
3)mass Dmed

and got 700 followers on the first day itself and I was like whaatt tthe heck

What's your saying on this
What niche?
Would like to see that mass DM growth on the long run without getting banned.
John - careful with the promoting what you sell
as only paid members cant sell or promote what they sell here
Proxy go iam not selling anything bud I am just saying that everyone who say there's a follow unfollow limit they r wrong

And why I've hired a freelancer
Some Account can really go above the Limits but it's generally not safe,Not sure that the Account will pass on without blocks the next day if it did today.

In general the Account should follow the given limits no matter if they are able to do more or sometimes go through it,Better safe than Sorry.
Those limits won't work in the long run. The freelancer certainly has a business in using that method for the short run though.
wow 1200 ppl in 1 day lol
yes i too always thought that was highway to ban city on instagram
and that its best to tip toe go slow
for churn and burn, good strategy. high risk high reward
how long will it last is the question [before account is disabled]
Those numbers look good to brag but try them for a week and see what happens.

Instagram's recent update has crushed almost all the spam already and if you somehow manage to skip through it, such actions repeatedly will get the account blocked, if not suspended.
I did try this kind of method before … in a couple of days … your account would see a spam error message lol
Very low CTR on Instagram. Wouldn't do it again.
I can guarantee you that you cannot keep up with these many actions every single day. If you keep following 1200 every day you'll face an action block.
Yeah that's not sustainable over a few days period, buy depending on your past activity on Insta and how clean you have been in the past. You can maintain 400-500 a day and if you know how to do f4f correctly that can get you 40-60% followback.
I don't really think it is possible, maybe it was in the past but now not at all, it's just impossible, IG blocks everything.
Why you need 1200 following on the second day if you cannot following anymore on those next days? It is impossible to following 1200 people per day. It is just luck, and this account finally got banned, that's all.
As mentioned above. It is mere randomness maybe a small percentage will slip through without limit, but there's no way it won't be blocked in the near future.
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