1. uhq

    What are the biggest digital flips (personal) you have ever made? $$$$$$$

    Looking to sprout a conversation, would love to hear your stories. What is the biggest personal digital flip you’ve made in terms of an ROI? This is directed towards people who resell for a living. There are a lot of people who earn big money daily, and this would be a good inspiration for the...
  2. K

    2 Under-estimated Qualities You'll Need To Create Your Own Opportunity

    Not to start the oblivious but; "Fortune favours the man who takes Bold and Optimistic steps." Our world is full of opportunities, and your ability to see and use them determines how you profit from life. Sometimes, opportunities come our way but we don’t see them because of our worries...
  3. K

    One Thing I Do To Stay Happy And Positive

    One Thing I Do To Stay Happy And Positive This is one of my inventions(for myself of course) to stay happy. Though it is something most people already do. I called it my invention to stay happy because I usually got depressed, and had a mood swing problem. In my journey I discovered that...
  4. Hunter Carlisle

    In need of some inspiration today

    Today has to be one of the lowest parts of my life up to this point. My bank account which was thriving a year ago is now quite different, I am back in my small hometown living with my parents (I used to be in LA), I am recently single, and friends who I would have hung out with in the past are...
  5. PlusMein

    Who Inspires You Most in SEO, and How and Where Do You Get the Knowledge?

    Interesting, who or what inspired people in SEO, and what kind of SEO resources & tools are you using to be up to date? Starting from myself: BHW Forum Ahrefs, SEMRush blog Sistrix MOZ Brien Deen Matt Diggity Special SEO events, conferences, and communities. Practicing, developing, and...
  6. Conjecting

    A simple brainstorming exercise that will allow you to be more successful in your IM endeavors

    I browsed BHW for years before I finally created an account. When I first discovered the forum, I admittedly was overwhelmed by just how much information was available. I fell into trap of searching for that "perfect" method to make me a millionaire overnight, and experienced constant failure...
  7. Oleb

    F*ck You and thanks

    Damn you guys like everyone on this site is just an amazing bastard trying to make something out of his life You don’t want me to just relax and flex and chill ?? What the hell is it guys ?? Almost every post on this forum is like directly telling “WHAT ARE YOU DOING OF YOUR LIFE ?? Everything...
  8. Josh Saga

    [Mindset Thread] I've Never Thought of It This Way

    Hey All, Again, I'm at the lounge, and frequently we see people with a negative mentality. I chose to put this up so we can give guides/tips to members who've been frustrated with their IM Journey. I think we can structure this as we first introduce how long we've been on the game, what was...
  9. Marutah singh

    One year to success!

    Hey all, Long time lurker here. Let me tell you a story. I hate my job. It is probably the worst part of my life. The upside is the money is great, it provides my family with a nice life. With covid it has become more stressful, wearing a mask and PPE all day while trying to manage agitated...
  10. Danki

    Do you focus on one thing or many things at a time ?

    my friend told me that I should focus on one thing instead of many things at a time... I don't know why I can't do it, I feel like I'm going to waste my time if I don't focus on other things at a time, and also it's like a risky strategy if you focus on just one thing and at the end you fail on...
  11. Capstok123

    I want to become a web analist any tricks of tips you van five?

    I love online marketing, know how to build websites (Wordpress mainly) know a litlle HTML, but I really enjoy creating insights through data analysis. Gathering and combining data from Social platforms, website behaviour and SEM results to create new insights or inspiration for new campaigns. It...
  12. T

    9-Year-Old Gets A Job Filling Restaurant’s Walls With His Drawings

    As parents, you can never expect your children to fully pay attention to their teachers in school. Sometimes, it’s just inevitable for them to chat with their seatmates, play, eat, sleep, or even doodle in class. They’re just kids after all. But oftentimes, they get in trouble by doing so. And...
  13. T

    You gotta believe

    As a man was passing by a cafe he noticed a dog tied up outside the patio. He suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that the dog was being being held by only a small rope tied to a cheap water bottle. It was obvious that the dog could, at anytime, break away from its bonds but for some reason...
  14. Shubhankar Paranjape

    Have you ever been made fun of for your choices in life?

    Have you ever been made fun of for your choices in life? Maybe making videos online, maybe dropshipping, or posting about your life or that you work from your pajamas or sweatpants in your house. Or your career choice others just don't get- because all of them have jobs and they looked down...
  15. Seagate44

    Best inspiring, useful stuff on the Internet?

    Hey so I often find myself doing the dumb scrolling through facebook idiotic posts of people or nasty girls pics on the instagram (those I love tho haha!) and that's mostly because I can't find any valuable and interesting groups/pages worth following. I thought that if I had a feed filled with...
  16. Danki

    If you need inspiring words, don't do it

    a quote by Elon Musk I don't like to search for inspiring words to do something, BUT I need some advice about how to deal with laziness and what is the best routine for a successful people, and how to start this routine ... etc ... we're all know that our body (our genes) is made for just...
  17. M

    Looking for some eye openers!!

    Hey guys/girls, just last month I decided to take up my dream of being an entrepreneur, as an 18 year old I've struggled with figuring out what I want to do, between making everyone happy(family and friends) I've just never had time to completely focus on my self and on my future, well that was...
  18. lightlight

    Love This Quote!!

    "Today is a check? Cash it! Yesterday is an I.O.U? forget it! Tomorrow is a promissory note, don't bank on it!" Said it absolutely the way it is. What do you guys think?
  19. kimsin

    [INSPIRATION] What is your advice to an 18 year old who wants to become a millionare before 25?

    Hello everyone. I wanted to share something with you which I found very inspiration. Reading this literally changed my mind, at least to some point helped me realise that my issue was with my mindset and not only my skills. To some point I know few things which could help me make money, but...
  20. Heiko

    Who is your inspiration and why?

    Hello BHW Fellas! Always wanted to get your input on who is your biggest inspiration and why is it your biggest inspiration? I have a couple of people that inspire me on daily basis. First would be my mom and my dad because i can never stop learning new things from then and then there are...
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