1. B

    What's the BHW Opinion on HubPages?

    I started writing random stuff for HubPages a few years ago—I just like writing and HubPages promised you could earn money so I figured why not. Over that time I've done about 80 pages and, pre-coronavirus, I was making a solid $200 a month from it (it's dropped to about $80, dunno if it'll go...
  2. Ghoztseo

    My Very Personal Method to Increase My Traffics to My Blogs

    Hello guys! today i thought to write tutorial which should helps you to increase your daily traffics utterly for free. Right first of all i'm a guy who struggled to increase my sales and traffics since last 3 years... by the way this is targeted time to reveal the entire truth of traffics and...
  3. B

    Why Squidoo lens does not come on High SERP as hubpages comes in Google ?

    I have seen in google on many keywords I can see results from hubpages .but I rarely see squidoo lens comes in search ranking on any keywords . does google prefers hubpages than squidoo lens ?
  4. B

    Scaling HubPages Earnings

    Hello all, Lately I've been writing articles for Hubpages which has been pretty good in terms of earnings per month. I only have 15 or so articles and have only recently started using the money to outsource article writing to others. The he most important aspect to me seems to be finding...
  5. I

    I Need Broad Niche Ideas (Non Specific) For HubPages

    Hi all. I just recently created a Blogger, but after more in depth searching, HubPages seems like the way to go. My Blogger blogs received about 100 views after the first day. I know it's a good start, but the only thing holding me back is you have to have your Blogger active for 6 months before...
  6. mandude

    MANUAL Quality Squidoo, Hubpages/web2.0s

    I need someone experienced to create high quality squidoo lenses, Hub Pages, Tumbler etc etc. I will provide the content if necessary, but if you write the content that is a huge plus and better chance of getting hired. (But no crappy Indian writers or whatever low quality). This is a long...
  7. T

    Hubpages for Link Building

    Following the new Panda updates, is Hubpages still a viable way to build links to your site? Also, are these links that it builds to your site going to be okay with Google's ensuing updates?
  8. Piratematerial

    [Method] Painstakingly Slow and Disgustingly Honest Method of Making little Money Sure

    This is meant for people who are mainly good at writing, are broke(no money to invest) and want to build up a long term sustainable income. About six months ago I made a drastic career switch. I chose to get into IM and I joined Blackhatworld. I knew nothing and was broke. This month I will...
  9. CrescentSkies

    How to Get My Hubpages Rank Up a Bit?

    My hubpages profile is currently Google PR 2, which I thought was pretty decent considering how limited I am at optimizing my profile. For the most part I've only submitted my hubpages profile to VERY high PR directories (using directory critic I've picked out the PR 4+ directories and made good...
  10. A

    Making money with HubPages with a twist

    I'm a noob and I recently started thinking of my own ways of how to make money online. I tried few methods before but nothing really worked out for me. I found out about HubPages but by the looks of it you have to be a very good writer to make any money on there. I thought of a twist. Seen as my...
  11. Z

    Ways URL structure can effect backlink efforts

    Hubpages not too long ago had to change there domain structure from a subfolders to subdomains. So new pages would have the username. and then their main domain after it. My question is doesn't this affect the number of backlinks that any new page created within hubpages gets. If you were to do...
  12. omniturbo

    [GIVEAWAY]20 US Phone verified Hubpages Account

    Hey BHW Ladies And Gentlemen :), Christmas Fever Everywhere, so thought to help few of you my friends by giving 20 US Phone Verified HUB PAGES ACCOUNTS. So no need to give your phone numbers for verifying Hubpages account and invite any phone spams. After i give you the accounts you are free to...
  13. B

    Are you using Hubpages to earn? How do you do it?

    I had been a member of Hubpages for a year now and I must say that I like Hubpages for its very cool community. Just a week ago I saw the testimonial page of people who had been "hubbing" for 2 to 5 years and they had already earned thousands of dollars. How can i do that? I Hub about...
  14. rusemag99

    move hubpages from 1 account to another.

    i need to move 3 hubpages from 1 account to a different account. everything is set up and ready to go. paying $21 by paypal.
  15. C

    Exchange Hubpages follows anyone?

    It's my understanding Hubpage's is going to keep nofollowing my links until my overally Hubber score is at least 75 and I am stuck at 60 - I don't have forever to write unique content for them as most of my good content gets posted on my money site itself - clearly # of followers must be a...
  16. thegladiator

    Can I use same content on my website and hubpages?

    hey blackhatters, I wanted to ask that is it possible to use same content on my main website and also on hubpAges and squiDoo or will that affect my ranking. do I need to create new content or spin my original article and then submit it to hubpAges and SquiDoo? Will using the same content on...
  17. S

    Hubpages Rant/Earning Method Explained

    Howdy, Squarix here, long time forum lurker few time forum poster. A little background: I've had a hubpages account for around a year, but only realised its earning potential a couple of months ago when I began using it aggressively. Everything was going well using the method I was using -...
  18. traged

    Articles on top of SERPs, then disappeared

    Hi all, i am just starting with articles - i placed one testing article on articlesbase, one on hubpages. They were both more or less optimized for different long tail keywords. Both were indexed by google in about a day and appeared on first page for their keywords. Then they both...
  19. I

    Looking for Someone to Create 100's or 1,000's of hubpages

    I'm interested in hundreds and possibly thousands depending on your price. Also want to know if you were interested in posting to them in mass also. Please let me know a price for one or both services in quanitites of 100 and 1,000. Let me know via PM or skype at jbirddem
  20. K

    Another place to geo target your local listing

    Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know that you can geo target your google maps listing on hubpages now. This is from the email I recieved from hubpages: "I, Swashbuckling Simone, along with the motley HubPages crew, are proud to present HubPages' September Contest: HubPages Marks the Spot...