1. hercai

    Convert HTML5 games to APK?

    Hello, How can I convert them to APK for Play Store after purchasing HTML5 games sold on Codecanyon and similar platforms?
  2. TheArtMound

    How To create Login Page and Register Page In Html?

    Please Guide ME Or Anyone there To suggest method Please I hav Education Website On BlogSpot So I Want Explantion
  3. K

    HTML5 Essential Training - Free - Join Today

    Good day folks, I am a web developer with over 20 years industry experience. Decided to create online courses to share my knowledge. Give me some encouragement by subscribing to it. It is free. This is a new course, if you type ' you will find the series. I am working on...
  4. O

    Hi, Im OliDee

    Excited to be here ;) I wrote an e-book, about building simple websites for small businesses. That is what I want to market now. Thats why Im here ;) Good to be here, Blessings. OD
  5. MatthewGraham

    Holy shit: Did you fucking bastards know about this shit?

    There's a fucking built-in HTML toggle: <details> <summary>Copyright 1999-2018.</summary> <p> - by Refsnes Data. All Rights Reserved.</p> <p>All content and graphics on this web site are the property of the company Refsnes Data.</p> </details> Source of code block...
  6. T

    responsive form registration/signup/login web

    i need a project make a simple website using php and mysql like login/signup or registration form, does anyone here interested?
  7. MistressNova

    Adult PPV in Adult Themed HTML5 browsers games. Possible?

    Is it possible? Does anyone have experience with Adult PPV with a decent company? I'm developing adult themed html5 browser games (which are going to be great for .mobi sites due to google plays bs rules). I see a lot of adult game sites have PPC ith semi-adult themed browser games and pay per...
  8. sakiv

    High-quality Experienced Web Designer & Programmer available for Work

  9. AlphaSierraZulu

    KVS Player vs. JW Player for Tube site?

    Hi guys, I hope this is in the right area. I'm just wondering what are the differences between these two html5 video players. Is one better? Which one would be optimized for low-end devices, etc. a google search didn't really get me anywhere or I wouldn't be asking here, so I really...
  10. W

    Hey Everyone

    Hello, I am web developer and SEO, my skills are html5, css3, JavaScript, php. :)
  11. Danny Phillips

    How to become an earner again...

    Hello folks, I'm new here... well at least on this account, I think I was a member in 2011 but things changed. anyway I'm now looking for a job after being unemployed for 6 years (only part jobs once in a few months) in which I mostly made money by running a website which was selling virtual...
  12. fullyniche

    Choose a Web Design + FREE Domain + Web Hosting ►►► HTML5 | Wordpress | Bootstrap | eCommerce | CMS

  13. yachi

    Web Design & Development Services - WordPress, WP Plugins, PHP, CMS, Ecommerce, Bootstrap, HTML5

  14. greengodfather

    How to remove ads from wix websites without upgrading to premium?!?

    Hey guys i been crazy searching for a way to remove ads from wixs websites for a side project im working on, but i cant seem to find a way all the methods ive come across are outdated and dont work anymore, so if anyone from my bhw fam can share some advice on how to remove the ads it would be...
  15. xmfhdx

    JW Player 6 with Picasa Web (HTML5)

    Hi! JW Player 6 to work with Picasa File, for more details lets have a chat bro. Send me your offer and your Skype, i will reach you! If you know what you must do, then you can offer to me. Thanks! Kind Regards
  16. xmfhdx

    Embed any Video from Picasaweb to HTML5 Player and Encode the Source URL for $100

    Hi! The Point Task is: 1) Create a shortcode to easy apply on wordpress page. So i have a Picasaweb Link, and will put that link to my any page/post wordpress with shortcode such Put picasaweb link here 2) result for visitor is will be show as HTML5 player (support for all mobile/devices)...
  17. S

    Free udemy couses for bloggers and developers

    Blogging in the sense is not only writing content but also to maintain their blog on their own without help of others Udemy is a great site which provide courses.The above mentioned courses may help you to develop your skills Learn blogging,seo and content promotion...
  18. manugm94

    Making money with online games? My Idea!

    As you may know from my previous threads, I am a programmer and I love it! I have been programming on android for a long time and know I got a new business idea. I am making a new browser game per week, I set up a blog where I post everything ( Those kind of games can be...
  19. N

    Using Wordpress Instead of HTML5 site effecting SEO wize?

    Hey guys, I keep seeing people using wordpress and I keep wonder why, after all wordpress is a blog managment system and I see business big ones spending thausneds of dollars for new web developers companies that build it all around wordpress. even worst I see many of them using this for...
  20. K

    HTML5 is good for SEO?

    Hey everyone, Thinking about using Joomla and Bootstrap. As it uses HTML5 coding, I was wondering what your experience is with HTML5 and search engine rankings. Is it a bad idea to use HTML5? People argue whether it will be the FUTURE of web development or not, but since I see more and more...
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