Embed any Video from Picasaweb to HTML5 Player and Encode the Source URL for $100


Aug 22, 2015

The Point Task is:

1) Create a shortcode to easy apply on wordpress page.
So i have a Picasaweb Link, and will put that link to my any page/post wordpress with shortcode such
[shortcode]Put picasaweb link here [/shortcode]

2) result for visitor is will be show as HTML5 player (support for all mobile/devices)

3) possible to put any caption on subtitles to video link such:
[shortcode]Put picasaweb link here&this is a subtitle of video link [/shortcode]

4) And the important thing is the source url of picasaweb is encode to prevent visitor to find the url i put on between [shortcode] tags (even prevent find url with "inspect element" or "viewpage source").

Have a ID on Fiverr is point plus!
If you know what you must do, then you can offer to me. Thanks!
No Skype!

Kind Regards
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Hi Cryptons
what plugin do you mean ?
Because GkPlugins is not worked for html5

Kind Regards
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