HTML5 is good for SEO?


Aug 11, 2013
Hey everyone,

Thinking about using Joomla and Bootstrap. As it uses HTML5 coding, I was wondering what your experience is with HTML5 and search engine rankings.

Is it a bad idea to use HTML5? People argue whether it will be the FUTURE of web development or not, but since I see more and more discussions on the web, I am beginning to feel that it may play a major role in the future.
HTML5 is the future so its defiantly the way to go if you can.

Why else not? whats the reasons against it?
It'll be the technical foundation for the web for years to come. Besides that it adds alot of contextual meaning to the Pages, making it easier for the search engines to categorize the content. Additionally it adds a few new constructs that were not possible with simple HTML before. So go with it if you can.
The continuing development of technologies can't be stopped. And soon HTML5 will become de jure standard of the industry.

From what we can see now, HTML5 offers a lot of neat ways to expand SEO. The history API feature is a great feature and opens up the ability to SEO a large number of elements that the search engines couldnt see before.

But if to be fair, there is still speculation as to whether or not HTML5 does all that much for SEO.

It?s definitely easier to use, so it makes sense that the SEO community would be looking for ways it improves SEO of a site. Otherwise, it?s becoming more and more popular and more evidence regarding SEO should not be too far in the future.
HTML5 is nice from seo perspective.If you have decided to design your website ion HTML5, you can go ahead with it.I use html5 an almost all of my projects.
I don't think HTML4 and HTML5 differ in the perspective of search engines. In any case, HTML5 is preferred because it will soon be a staple in web development.
But as always, if it is implemented wrong it will affect any SEO advantages in a negative way so try and keep your code clean.
Whether you choose HTML 4 or 5 doesn't really matters. It will all come down to the way you will be using it, I would go for HTML5 because one day or another you will have to switch and it is easy to get a responsive/mobile optimized site.

If you are going to use a CMS learn PHP and HTML/CSS it will always be handy.
I think there is not much difference between HTML4 and HTML5 sites, but seems like adaptive CSS, which is often accompany HTML5, is good for SEO, as there's already too many mobile users around.
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