hash tags

  1. Nancy224

    Hashtag reach down AGAIN?

    Two days ago I got my reach back after 2 weeks, TODAY I posted as usual and my reach is back down to 38 (!!!) Hashtag impressions after 5 hours!?!? Why Edit: updated the count and time.
  2. JamesBondBro

    Amount of subscribers into hashtag?

    Hi friends! Is there a way to find out how many IG-users are subscribed to the IG-hashtag? Knowing this info, we can increase an audience engagement. What do you think?
  3. T

    How to Scrape Users on Instagram?

    Hello Fellas, Hope all are banking hard, if not the good time is yet to come. :) I came here to ask, how can scrape users based on hashtags, like if I want scrape users who are using #model hashtags tools I have is jarvee, proxies etc. Any advice is highly appreciate.
  4. fxmanaged

    Weird Hashtag Observation

    Today I decided to go through all our hashtags on a PC to see if any generated Instagram's "community guidelines" message. You know, the one you see sometimes when you search for a hashtag on IG: "Top posts from #hashtag are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that...
  5. Pro-Hustler

    Getting more reach on Instagram

    What's the best site/method to find hashtags with high exposure relevant to my niche?
  6. enovator

    Does this change the Hashtags of Photos?

    Hi, I need some help here. Let say I download an image from IG, with JPEG extention open it in Photoshop then save it as Jpeg or PNG with different resolution. Will that change the hashtags of the image?
  7. fxmanaged

    Weird "Shadowban" - Anyone else noticed this?

    Based on what we've seen in the past, both with our pages and those of other Instagram marketers we know, a shadowban is when your posts stop ranking for all hashtags, both on the TOP and RECENT tabs of the platform. Normally, the lower engagement period that accompanies this "ban" or...
  8. D

    [Giveaway] Free Instagram #Hashtags giveaway for (50members).

    Hello Fellas, Hope you have great today. Straight to the point. So this giveaways is consist of first come,first serves. No requirements. The user has to specify one keyword. The file of the hastags will be given as .txt forward. Thank you.
  9. Extrim25

    Hashtag Statistics Scrapper Script

    Hello, I'm interested in the statistics and related hashtags collection script. Is there anything similar at this forum?
  10. D

    Need help with hastags

    I have a personal travel blog accounts and I use about up to 30 hashtags for post and I go for hastags under 500k and some are like 1000 and some like 20 k but I am only getting 70 likes from all the hashtags altogether each time I post. Is there a way I can see what's the best hashtags to...
  11. nxtkg23

    Top Hashtags for Luxury/Lifestyle Accounts

    I have a Luxury/Lifestyle account and am trying to find the best hashtags to reach users that would consider following my account: Here 30+ hashtags I rotate in and out: #newyork #ootd #outfitoftheday #lookoftheday #fashion #fashiongram #style #love #beautiful #currentlywearing #lookbook #wiwt...
  12. webhostingproviders

    How many # Tags ??

    Quick question, ideally how many hash tags should we use on a 1) Twitter (Tweet) 2) Facebook Post 3) Google+