1. G

    GSC Mobile Usability Report

    Hi everyone I've tried searching for this problem but not getting anywhere. I have 260 pages indexed on GSC. When I check them in "URL Inspection", they are each coming up good for mobile usability. Also, when I check them on google page insights / lighthouse , they are all fully optimized...
  2. kurosaki4d

    Question about "Google Search Console"

    Hello BlackHat members :) I'm in the process of creating a 3rd affiliate site, and I would like to know if it is safe to add it to the same google account (GSC) with the other two affiliate sites? Suppose one of these sites get penalized somehow by google, will the other two sites get affected...
  3. razharov

    I got 47 domain in one GSC and it’s fine.

    Hey everyone! i just want to share this, since I see a lot of over doing when it comes to hide yourself against google. in one of my GSC I have 47 domains, and almost 80%-90% of them are even on the same host same ip. and guess what, google does not give a **** about it, pages rank as they...
  4. typically

    Not index pages in GSC (Are those affecting SEO?)

    My organic traffic is pretty much on a deathbed now. So I was looking around my GSC, trying to understand what caused this. In the page indexing, I saw this When I saw the breakdown, most of these pages (pages with redirects) are auto-translated pages from Tansposh, before the plugin stopped...
  5. harrywilliams

    Should I Continue a Site with No Growth?

    I'm doing a blog related to engineering. Over the last two years I have published over 50 articles. This is the current status of the site. Last 16 months GSC Last 6 months GSC Last 3 months GSC Past month GSC Ahrefs Overview Ezoic All Ezoic last 30 days daily Here is the...
  6. harrywilliams

    2 Years Old Blog Failure - How to Recover?

    I'm doing a blog related to engineering. Over the last two years I have published over 50 articles. This is the current status of the site. Last 16 months GSC Last 6 months GSC Last 3 months GSC Past month GSC Ahrefs Overview Ezoic All Ezoic last 30 days daily Here is...
  7. TheDankChocolate

    Does any body else see this in their GSC?

    All of a sudden I see a surge in the "Coverage Issues" for all my websites in GSC. I was wondering if I should start the validation for these but Big G has some other plans I guess? I am not sure what these idiots are up to now :( Does anybody else see the same thing in their GSC?
  8. E

    Are there significant risks to putting Google Analytics/Search console/Adense on interlinked sites?

    Is there any significant risk to putting Google Adsense, or Analytics, or signing up for Google Search Console on sites you might be interlinking? How much should you fear Google actually noticing this interlinking due to a shared Adsense account, and penalizing you? I'm sure there must be some...
  9. Spectra2000

    A question about GSC!

    Hello guys and welcome, Lately, i've been expirementing with SEO and parasites, and as every beginner, i am having problems that i need to solve, the problem of this time is Indexing by GSC. So, i had a Wordpress blog that i used to make landing pages for CPA in, and when i started this...
  10. castoro

    Multiple website question: one or more GSC? one ora more ADSENSE?

    I need some clarification regarding what should be done regarding having several websites. I intend and am already creating several sites (let's say about ten) What should I do with GSC and ADsense? GSC Do you recommend having a single GSC account for all sites or several? I have read on the...
  11. Alma

    Trailing slash - GSC page with redirect issue, could internal links cause this?

    Hey, For a long time I have had this issue in my GSC: After going through them yesterday, I have realised what might be cause of this. All the urls listed there do not have the trailing slash "/". I have checked my WP permalink settings and they are correct: , so that means all my posts...
  12. SirLouen

    [Guide] How to bulk remove undesired URLs from GSC after an attack

    Nowadays it's pretty easy that your WordPress installation gets hacked and infected with thousands if not millions of subpages pretending to be indexed. Since the attacker genreally gets access to your directories, it's common that they insert the GSC code and validate an user to start indexing...
  13. 4ry4n

    [Question] Do you set-up GSC on your PBN pages?

    Hello everyone, I have been reading the-ultimate-pbn-guide and the author says not to use GSC. Do you avoid using GSC on your PBNs? And how do you figure if your PBNs are indexed?
  14. kurosaki4d

    Question about backlinks

    Hello there, I have Site N#1 that's doing good, it has multiple backlinks. On the other hand, I have another Site N#2, for which I would like to add new backlinks. My question is it ok to use the same backlinks that I used on my Site-1 and acquire them again for my Site-2 ??? Knowing that...
  15. 4ry4n

    [Question] GSC shows queries to be ranking as first, but it's not!

    Hello, So when I look up in Google search console, it showing a bunch of queries for me that I would rank "1" for them but when I search up the same queries myself I can find my self only at page 2 or so. What is the reason for this? Regards,
  16. Iezuit

    GSC data discrepancies - Queries

    Hi guys, why GSC shows: 61 Total clicks on the diagram and only 6 clicks on the queries Where are my "clicked" keywords?
  17. Loklush

    [Need Suggestions] How I can target multiple International Target through GSC

    I have a currently in GSC I set international target to INDIA Many keyword are ranked on in top position but now I want to rank keyword in USA,Caneda&Brazil extention Can anyone guide me how I can do this?
  18. jemzozole

    Domain 301 redirection - How backlinks will act?

    Hello! I had 2 websites on a similar topic, 1 project will have abounded, and I added 301 reddirection to the first page. 1. Will all backlinks from the abounded website move to the first website? 2. Will I see these backlinks in my Google Search Console?
  19. Ricardo R

    What is the reason behind this happening to the site?

    Why did this sudden increase and then decrease happen? Any idea?
  20. emvam

    Nee Help on google search console

    i'm getting only one verify option on GSC. DNS option i mean. i have already verify that but i'm facing few problems like i can't see my property on google robots.txt test. even also facing some problem. i removed my property then tried again but every time i only get DNS option not HTML file or...