1. Iezuit

    GSC data discrepancies - Queries

    Hi guys, why GSC shows: 61 Total clicks on the diagram and only 6 clicks on the queries Where are my "clicked" keywords?
  2. Loklush

    [Need Suggestions] How I can target multiple International Target through GSC

    I have a currently in GSC I set international target to INDIA Many keyword are ranked on in top position but now I want to rank keyword in USA,Caneda&Brazil extention Can anyone guide me how I can do this?
  3. jemzozole

    Domain 301 redirection - How backlinks will act?

    Hello! I had 2 websites on a similar topic, 1 project will have abounded, and I added 301 reddirection to the first page. 1. Will all backlinks from the abounded website move to the first website? 2. Will I see these backlinks in my Google Search Console?
  4. Ricardo R

    What is the reason behind this happening to the site?

    Why did this sudden increase and then decrease happen? Any idea?
  5. emvam

    Nee Help on google search console

    i'm getting only one verify option on GSC. DNS option i mean. i have already verify that but i'm facing few problems like i can't see my property on google robots.txt test. even also facing some problem. i removed my property then tried again but every time i only get DNS option not HTML file or...
  6. GunterSachs

    How long to re-index site?

    Hey, I registered a domain some months ago and installed WordPress. I set it to no-index in the WordPress settings and forgot about it because I had other things to do. Today I removed the no-index setting. Now I started to write some articles and tried do add the sitemap (created with...
  7. A

    Links Reported In The GSC Question

    ive been doing links trade for a few days now then i got this question after i have not seen any of the links im supposed to get reported in the GSC but all reported in ahref, so that got me thinking, does that mean they have no value?
  8. IM Rider

    Request indexing in gsc is back.

    Back after 69 days. I am gonna try now.
  9. robin222

    Is there a problem with Google's index recently

    One of my websites has seen a significant drop in clicks since September. I found that the page index volume has been declining since the beginning of September through GSC inspection. Is it because of Google’s indexing issues that caused a serious decline in website traffic?
  10. curious_

    Some high quality backlinks don't show up in GSC

    I noticed that lots of backlinks and niche edits I build (I try to build high quality links with real traffic etc.) don't show up in Search Console even after a couple of months. I heard that if a domain doesn't show up in 'Search Console > Links' then it doesn't make any effect on your SEO. If...

    how to add for GSC

    i searched but didn't find where to paste html tag any ideas appreciated from you guys thanks
  12. Misan

    What is Discover in Search console ??how that works?

    What is Discover in Google Search console ?? how that works? I got a few of my URLs in Discover, is that something like googles new??
  13. Elisa77

    Index Problem GSC

    I'm facing a problem in Indexing: so many posts of my blog are ranking on top but many times I noticed that it's vanished from its position. And if I manually go and index it in GSC then within a second it comes back its own position. What issue it is? Can you also faced the similar? Suggest...
  14. M

    Unexpected Keyword Results

    Likely missing an important point as it relates to keywords and GSC queries. As currently not getting the results I expected. Each time I make a post, I determine a long-tail keyword I make sure it 1) has significantly low volume & 2) has at least more then 10 monthly searches (Good KDR value)...
  15. monere

    how accurate is ahrefs' backlinks checker?

    Hi, 2 weeks ago I have added an expired domain that I've purchased 2 years ago but did nothing with it to my GSC, and few days later GSC had discovered 598 backlinks. Now, a minute ago I just put this domain name into ahrefs' backlink checker and hit "check backlinks" and ahrefs says that this...
  16. monere

    weird issue with my site - can someone help?

    Hi, I have a website in the self improvement niche and I just ran a "site:" check to see what google knows about my site, and among the dozen of pages that appear in the index there's also the Privacy Policy... with a "Lose Pounds" appended to it. Like, WHAT? So, the privacy policy page of my...
  17. monere

    how often do I submit sitemap to GSC?

    Hi, I decided to create 1 post / day for 2 of my websites, and I would obviously want ALL of these posts indexed by google ASAP. So, should I (re)submit the sitemaps of the 2 sites every day (after the posts get published on the sites), or should I submit the sitemaps weekly, or should I not...
  18. Sushant Pawar

    Rank drops & traffic increases?

    Whenever did my rank drop in SERP, My clicks and impressions increases. How can this happen?
  19. monere

    Waiting period before getting more backlinks

    How long do I need to wait for the backlinks that I've purchased to impact rankings before I buy more of them? Two months ago I have purchased an expired domain (well, expired in 2017 :p), created 6 content pages (plus the usual legal pages), added it to Google Search Console and Analytics, and...
  20. G

    Noindexed pages but indexed

    When I launched my site, I have forgotten to noindex image pages, so Google indexed them. More than one month ago I noindexed them via the AIOSEO plugin. In the HTML code the noindex tag is present, but on GSC it is still indexed. Now I'm trying to remove them directly from GSC, in your opinion...