growth strategy

  1. E

    Instagram going private strategy

    Hi! I was wondering if going private is a good strategy for gaining followers? + manually engaging with other posts +collaborations +shoutouts. The page is similar to the robot Lil Miquela. The page has 17,000 followers. I have recently faced a huge decline in engagement over the past 6...
  2. T

    Tips for Growing an IG Model Account

    One of my clients is an "Instagram Model" with 15K followers. Her engagement has really dropped over the past year. She used to get 100-200 comments on each post but now it's more like 20-30 comments. Apparently she bought some fake followers a few times (in small intervals) but that didn't...
  3. Carlos TV

    Should I get this "Secret Sauce: A step-by-step guide to growth hacking"?

    Has anyone read it? ? Is it worth buying it? Did anyone download a copy that could be freely shared? ;)
  4. LunaaGod

    Need Some Help With Instagram

    Hey BHW, Total noob question here but are there any good ways of growing on instagram, other than following and unfollowing day after day? I have my posts automatic so I don't really have to look at instagram and can focus on growing on twitter but I never get a lot of followers on instagram...
  5. G

    What the hell am I doing wrong!!??

    I am trying to scale my Facebook page. I am currently at 20k+, 15k of it was acquired through FB ads pennies on the dollar, mainly outside the USA. Now for the life of me I cannot organically grow the Facebook page higher at a consistent rate. 1. I reach out for shout-outs and when the...