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  1. T

    How to hide image description?

    Hi, Situation: Have WordPress site that uses featured image in the start of post. This is fine. The image has description text like ‘Blue widget. Image credit xxx’ In the Google search results it is the image description that shows up on, instead of the ‘real’ text that follows (about blue...
  2. M

    Indexed page decrease from more than 20 pages in google search results to just 5 pages

    My pages were indexed very well, then one day I text site:mysite then see that indexed pages decrease from more than 20 pages in google search results to just 5 pages. Then I audit my website again because there are quite a lot of product pages has the same meta description. Should I continue to...
  3. T

    How Google Responds To Queries When Ranking Search Results

    A patent from Google which was filed in 2019, and granted in 2021 goes over aspects of Google ranking search results (SERPs). The one and only, Bill Slawski goes through it. Source:
  4. theIMMachine

    ⭐Ranked PAAs in a List⭐ 'PAA - People Also Ask - Search Results'⭐ Answer these PAAs & Increase Your Ranking Chances!

    We all know how important is PAA, ‘People Also Ask’ in SERPS & how many clicks do they “steal” from SEO results!! Presenting you our simple solution of showing all the ranked PAAs by showing your competitors PAAs in a list/sheet. What do we do ? We give you the required number of PAA’s you...
  5. A

    Google is showing deleted GTM review schema in the search results

    For many weeks, we have deleted the wrong schema reviews in our GTM but they are still showing in the search results. We have tried to reindex it in the GSC but some pages are still showing the wrong review ratings. Some of them keep reappearing. We would kindly like to request some assistance...
  6. R

    Why Google shows different rankings with and without using VPN?

    Hi, I check my rankings everyday and I've noticed one of my blog posts shows up in different position when I use VPN. Without VPN, my position is 6, but when I use VPN, my blog post shows up in 4th page of google (by searching the same query). Besides, Google search console shows my position...
  7. crissdinesh

    Favicon on Web Version Google Search Results

    Hello BHW! Before Google, the DuckDuckGo & Yandex search engines had started to show favicon on search results. Then Google is also doing the same. Previously, it was for mobile version and now they rolled out for web version in this January 2020 core update. Next, is emoji's in URL (in...
  8. MartonB

    Indexed, not submitted in sitemap

    Iv" recently moved a page to a new URL with 301 redirect. the page is appearing on but cannot found in search. However, Google says "Indexed, not submitted in sitemap" the URL is already on sitemap as I checked and the indexing is taking to much. this has never happened to me...
  9. P

    Get Country Specific Google Results

    Hi Friends, I was facing problem of searching some country specific results and i thought VPN is the only way to go about it. Then i came across this old trick, which i thought to post it here for someone who might think this is useful. When we search on, we are presented with...
  10. JonnyTGood

    [Question] If you do a particular google search, copy url of page results, send others to that url

    Sorry I couldn't phrase the question to fit in the title, but here goes.. There is a site called 'Trafers Traffic' in which you don't sign-up for, but simply add any link (not verified) and that link will be constantly opened by others using the site while your browser does the same...
  11. InnovativeSEO

    Google Shares Top 3 SEO Factors | SEJ

    Google’s SEO Myth Busters episode #1 recently debuted. Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, Martin Splitt, answered what the top 3 SEO factors are to focus on. Near the end of show, Martin answered an unexpected and shocking question that was asked by the guest. How Google Selects Relevant Pages...
  12. theseocount

    How to get most accurate country specific SERPs ?!

    Hi everyone! Recently I have been wondering what is the best way to get the most accurate country-specific SERP results. Let's say that I want to to get UK results for "dark chocolate" I have 2 ways to do this. 1. - On the homepage it says : "BUILD GOOGLE SEARCHES IN ANY...
  13. Domenikogj

    HELP!! SEO Problem!

    I'm having a problem with a Keyword especially that my website used to rank to 2nd or 3rd position (1-2 months ago) but now it's not showing up at all , where Google Search Console says it should be in 3rd place. What could be happening? How can you disappear completely from top search results...
  14. SaniZe

    What is the easiest way to get site-links?

    II have a few websites that are ranking first on Google Search Results for the keywords I am ranking them. My question is what is the easiest way to get Google to splinter the websites into site links. All info from inner-page keyword optimization to proper meta descriptions and other tweaks are...
  15. Array Experts

    Google Search Result Change

    Anyone Saw Change In Google Search Result. Bad News For Lyrics Site Owners. Google now display the full song lyrics for millions of artists in a "knowledge box" module at the top of the search page.
  16. H

    1000+ Proxies to Scrape Google Search Results needed

    Hey guys, I am currently looking for several thousand new reliable proxies (IPv4 and preferrably IPv6) to extend my Google search scraping activities. Please get in touch (reply to this thread or pm) if you have something to offer. Thank you! PS: It doesn't have to be exactly proxies...
  17. N

    Featured snippets in search of Google

    Hi Guys, is there anyway by which I can show my website result in Featured snippets in search of Google Now I dont want answer's like google does it automatically by its bots because I have seen few people for some keywords there are posts are coming in snippets search either they are using...
  18. J

    Need to change Related Searches on Google for my Client's Keywords.

    Hello All, My client wants the related searches coming on his google searches to be changed. Willing to pay $500 - $700 per month. Keywords are least competitive. Let me know if in case it interests you. Thanks.
  19. M

    Scrape Google Search results, tool? Url, date of first index and latest cached version

    Hi guys, I'm new here and kind of a newbie, so please bear with me :) I want to scrape googles search results. What I need from the search results is the URL, first date google indexed it (you can get that information if you change the search results year results) and also date of Googles...
  20. freakymonday

    Google’s Search Results Without Underlined Links - Here’s How to Change It Back

    Google decided to change search results removing underlined links. Personally I don't like it. Font's are too big and it really hurts my eyes, maybe I am just too used to underlines. Here is simple tweak to add underlines back in with a couple simple steps. Only works for Firefox or Google...
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