Why Google shows different rankings with and without using VPN?


Oct 2, 2019
I check my rankings everyday and I've noticed one of my blog posts shows up in different position when I use VPN.
Without VPN, my position is 6, but when I use VPN, my blog post shows up in 4th page of google (by searching the same query).
Besides, Google search console shows my position, 45 for the same query.
I want to know which one I can trust and should I do something for it?
It's because of your surfing history they try to collect more data as much as possible, in addition to that, they collect data from you webmaster console sometimes they show you one of your websites as reach snippet ...

If you just opened your website on incognito you will see a different ranking...

What I suggest to get the right position, is to try a website called isearchfrom.com on incognito or guest browser, configure it based on the country device and query...
As mentioned above, because of your search history, google shows your website as 6.
But on vpn, there's no search history so google shows you the real position... thus gsc and vpn show the real ranking.
Thank you so much. It was so helpful. I tried it now and noticed that ahrefs and Search console results was so much closer to my average ranking.
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