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  1. R

    Why Google shows different rankings with and without using VPN?

    Hi, I check my rankings everyday and I've noticed one of my blog posts shows up in different position when I use VPN. Without VPN, my position is 6, but when I use VPN, my blog post shows up in 4th page of google (by searching the same query). Besides, Google search console shows my position...
  2. Digital Web Zones

    It's matter ranking free domain or paid domain

    I want to know It's matter ranking and traffic..on gooft. .. free domain or paid domain
  3. nantaprong

    google ranking decreased dramatically in just one day?

    hello. I've made a new blog about a niche, last sunday and yesterday I found that I was indexed and is at about the 100th rank in google. This made me quite satisfied; however, when I check the rankings today, I found that my website is ranking beyond the 1000th rank. I'm not sure if this...