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  1. D

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  2. masterjani

    BACKLINKS RAIN - Quality Links From Different Platforms, 10+ Type Of Social Signals & More

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  3. makemecash

    Google's Search Engine Ranking Factors

    YOUR RANKINGS ARE DEPENDANT UPON: 23.87% Domain Trust/Authority 22.33% Link Popularity 20.26% Anchor Text (backlinks) 15.04% On-Page SEO 6.91% Whois Info 6.29% Traffic & CTR 5.30% Social Media Traction
  4. N

    Help me out friends, why my website went down to 3rd page from 1st page in google ranking?

    hi.. My website was on 1st page of Google ranking and when I came in the morning, I just checked out the ranking, I was shocked to see that my website went on 3rd page..I searched a lot for the reason but i am not yet convinced by the facts..please friends help me out from the situation..
  5. G

    Competitor trying to rank for company name

    Hi Everyone, One of my competitors is trying to outrank me for the company brand name (trademarked) that I work for. I know it's against google TOS to bid on search trade marked keywords for competitor terms but is it against their TOS to outrank a competitor in the natural results for a...

    Help! From 7th Rank Google to Nothing! Overnight!

    I'm in shock, my website was ranked 7th position Google valid daily for 3 weeks straight, then I fired my SEO guy, and I checked ranking 2 days later and literally overnight, it comepletely dropped out of top 500 for my key word "beer gut"!!!! I am so upset!:confused: beerandbody (d o t) c...
  7. T

    can i be in top ten google rank ?

    hello every body i'm new here , i really like this forum so i want to ask you if i can dominate the keyword " create website , build site, free website" with my new site plz can you tell me how much time of work i have to do to see some results(good ranking) and if i have a chance to dominate...
  8. sikandar

    Google disregarding description metatag for ranking!

    I just noticed a site ranking on the first page of Google for high competition keyword 'ipad accessories' has description full of garbage letters. So does it mean the description metatag is totally ignored by Google?
  9. R

    Removing Test Site From Google Index

    Hi, I have been testing a site on a domain alias and now I have put the site live it is indexing higher in the google rankings that the actual site. Any ideas how I can manually remove the site from the google rankings? Thanks, Ross
  10. agent_mango

    Google is Crap! Google Search is Blind!

    Why do my competitor ranks well than my blog? I've checked on the backlinks. I got 1000+ backlinks and his blog got only 19 backlinks. My blog was updated and his blog was outdated. His last post was march. How the heck he ranks number 2 on Google and my blog only rank on the second page! And...
  11. G

    Ranking is Dead in Google

    Is ranking really dead? I was watching a video from Bruce Clay. talking about how Google is building the Serps based on user experience. The results are based on your location, browsing/searching habits and much more. What that means is if 50 of us search for the term "Blue Widget" We could...
  12. H

    Attn web designers: How to make the internet work for you!

    HOW TO MAKE THE INTERNET WORK FOR YOU: Work on you incoming links. Contact websites that may be interested in your products and ask them if they would like to trade links. Pay to submit your sites to directories. There is no one simple solution, getting good rankings takes alot of manually...
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