google penality

  1. C

    My Site got hit by Fake DMCA

    I have a site with 300k traffic per month. Some random person (Competitor) has sent a DMCA notice that a few pages of articles are paraphrased. Indeed it was not paraphrased, the website was related to programming and the code logic remains the same. I can fight a legal case with the person but...
  2. Steffyrain

    Google Algorithm Penalty

    Hello Guys, I want to know if a website is hit by Google algorithm penalty, we can recover them or stop working on that? As My website was hit by Algorithm and get Penalty, what should I do?
  3. Yupwork

    SEO Check Google Penalty for Old Domain

    Hi Guys Can you please help me with how can I check my domain name; if it's got Google Penalty edit : I want to buy an old domain name
  4. kurosaki4d

    Will this practice hurt my SEO?

    Hi all, I have a quick question, about a certain action that I've been doing with most of my articles. With most of the images inside my article, their "alt tags" and "picture names" have the primary keyword of the article in them all. Knowing this, will that hurt my article's SEO? and...
  5. dakudaddy

    [HELP] How Get Ranking Back After Google Penalty Removal

    Hey BHW family One of my website got outgoing link penalty in last 2020 & the penalty was lifted in Mid April by Google. But My rankings are dropping day by day. My website Traffic goes down from 130k to 5k per month :( - I posted nearly 30+ new articles after penalty removal - Send some...
  6. GenesisOne

    [ FREE ] Google Penalty Checker Tool - Check if your site has been hit by any G update

    Found this tool to be very helpful.
  7. X


    Hello guys I am trying to avoid google penalty for over optimized anchor keyword. I run a music niche. I have used my main keyword for a long time but I want to avoid it now. So I used branded + keyword and only branded link. Now since I run a music download niche is it save to use the artiste...
  8. machomoney

    Game Hack Niche Tank and Gain Back within 7 Days! New Google Update

    hi members, Google is firing from all guns to Game Hack Niche in Dec 2019. I Got 02 website derank (not deindex) in Google in Dec 11th. earlier i was thinking that it was something my mistake and i checked every thing like - bad links (porn adult) in Google webmaster -manual penalty in Google...
  9. HenryObi

    How To Fix Google Not Indexing New Posts Even After Submitting To Google

    Recently I noticed Google has stopped indexing my new blog posts even when I submit using inspect URL tool. Days these posts do not get indexed and do not show on Google when I search the url of the posts. My site still gets search traffic from Google; though very little but just to dismiss the...
  10. Sandie2018

    Has my site been penalised by Google?

    Hi everyone, I can't find any results for my site when I write: Does that mean my site got a penalty? And if so, what next? By the way, the site has been indexed before and is 2.5 years old. Thanks for any comments.
  11. alishakapoor

    What is best way to fix anchor text over optimization penalty

    Is there any quick way? If building more links to brand keywords, citation, random linking like visit homepage would help? If yes, what can be approximate ratio of these?
  12. TooCorny

    [HELP] How would you write service content for different neighbourhoods / cities?

    So basically I need to rank some services that are searched by city and by neighborhood, The problem comes when writing these articles, I am afraid of getting penalized for duplicating content massively. How would you go through this without getting penalized?
  13. Iamharris

    Goggle penalty or what?

    I have checked out my website on se ranking its showing nowhere. While two days ago it was on 8 position. I checked out on google with "" its showing my backlinks only. What happened to my site?
  14. F

    Try to solve Google Penality

    Hi guys, I've just bought a website from someone 2 months ago and i just introduce an article and share it on facebook. Of course most of them are copied. So today i saw this message from google. I mention that i used only instant article. I attached a pic with my problem. If someone can help...
  15. R

    How much chances are there to get penalized by google for building black hat backlinks?

    I build web 2.0s + profile links + high authority forums + do follow blog comments and many other types of links, sites on which I build links generally high authority but the main thing which I am concerned of is that many of high authority forums and commenting sites are not relevant, but I...
  16. S

    How To Remove Manual Penalty From Website?

    HI All, Google has applied the manual penalty on my three websites. And the reason for the penalty is copy content. I have changed the whole content with the fresh content. But Google has rejected reconsideration for all my websites. Is there any way to remove this penalty from my websites. And...
  17. dailyshoutouts

    I am confused my domain have the penalty or no penalty by Google

    Hey guys, I have bought a domain with high DA, PA on Goddady (domain will active on 15/08) but I am confused my domain have the penalty or no penalty by Google. My domain index on Google but it has big organic traffic decreases in Nov 2016. Do you think my domain have the penalty by Google?
  18. champiseo

    Netlify and multiple sites hosting

    I'm planing to create static (made with hugo) PBNs hosted on Netlify. I was wondering if I would have any penalty with google due to using only netlify hosting for all the sites of the PBNs. Do the CDNs use different IP Pools ? Is this a good idea or should I look for some other hosting ? In...
  19. Monu Alagh

    Gaming website drank, what can i do? Plz help

    Hello friends suddenly my website ranking is dropped :( What can i do guys? which steps i follow to recovery from this penalty? my website is drank not deindex. is it due to think content?
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