google business

  1. H

    Bad reviews on Business Google. What to do ?

    I joined this company and I'm committed and dedicated to do the hardwork and help it to improve. It's basically a coaching centre. So, there are 3-4 bad 1 star reviews and it's 1 year old. How to tackle this? Any way to delete, hide or anything like that I can do?
  2. bunnelld750

    Google My Business Is Doing Double Verification

    Has anyone noticed! Recently I created a Google listing and listing verified through a postal code but after getting verified status came into get verified through video call. Can anyone help me how can I create listing without a video call
  3. ava_olivia

    What does "merging" google business exactly do after it got suspended?

    I had a GMB account suspended because Google detected a false flag fraud while I was attempting to register for google pay; I actually had google pay/google ads years ago but was attempting to do it at a different address, which seemed to set off the alarm. As a result, everything was put on...
  4. D

    Location for google business

    Hello! Dear forum users, I need to set the location for my business. The problem is that there are no physical addresses. Who can help with this issue?
  5. V

    Confirm Google Business entry

    Hello friends, I need a method of confirming my Google Business e-mail without a post because I don't have a post box at my work address, it would be great if someone can help me and I'm willing to pay a bit of money if it works
  6. Help Desk

    Google Map Business Listings

    Is there a way to remove Google Verified business listing on google maps. Someone has created multiple verified listing with my business name so is it possible to remove those listings.
  7. ss1180

    Locksmith GMB Listing

    Is there any one who can do Locksmith Google Business Listing ?
  8. Optima20

    GMB "short name" killing some listings?

    I recently read that some businesses have experienced a decline and/or their business being removed from Maps. Has anyone here experienced this after adding a "short name tag" in their business?
  9. ss1180

    I need Google Reviews From Toronto, Ontario (Must be from Local Guide)

    I need minimum 5 Google Reviews From Toronto, Ontario (Must be from Local Guide). I can pay $2 or $3 per review, Please don't post if you provide from other location. I just need from Toronto, Ontario
  10. A

    Google Business Listing Ranking Issue

    Hello Experts, I'm facing an issue with Google business listing. I have tried to improve google business listing ranking by many methods like increase rating, reviews, citations and optimized listing also. But local business ranking not improved yet. Please provide some suggestion. So I can...
  11. ss1180

    Who Can Change Phone Number in Google Listing

    I am looking for a person who has Google Local Guide Level more than 7 or 8. I have many listing which not claimed by someone. So i want or looking for that person who can change the current phone number of listing. I will give you my phone number and you need to change the listing number with...
  12. microsysinfocom

    {GIVEAWAY} Google and Trustpilot Reviews FREE

    Hello BHW friends, First of all, thank you so much BHW. I got 100s of clients from BHW. ( Crossed 500+ clients till time :) ). I have completed 500+ projects successfully till time. And still working on 100s of projects It's happened just beacuse of BHW platform, I never expected such a huge...
  13. D

    [Journey] Traffic Arbitrage to Local Business with Google Business

    I am running multiple sites, but none of them was ever intended to be or become a physical business. By physical business, I mean the actual location where you can come in and do something. One of my sites is in a woman-related niche, its content is about women stuff including women-related...
  14. D

    Cheap address or solution to receive Google Business card (verification)?

    Morning, is there any one who is having experiences with this? Don't want to use my real address :). Thanks in advance for any replies and help ;)! Warm regards, S.
  15. ss1180

    Google Map Business Listing - Without Postcard Approved

    I saw many people offering Approved & Verified GMB listing for USA address without Postcard. they are asking any address, name, phone number and website link. Is there anyone who knows how they can verified Google Business Listing without postcard.
  16. G

    Need help add site to Google Business

    Hi! I need help to add my site on google places. I'm not living in US but I need physical address to receive postcard from google. Maybe anyone know who can do it and how much it will be cost? Thankks
  17. MrClowder

    How to get Google Business reviews?

    I am now listed on Google Business, but the listing does not have any reviews. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get reviews for a new local business just starting out? I assume that's something they regulate strongly, so I would assume having a majority of reviews by new or non-local...
  18. ss1180

    Google Local Listing Phone Verification

    Google send verification code via post on physical address. So my question is that is anyone know which type of business support Phone Verification as google mentioned that only selected or few business cab be verified by Phone Verification. So anyone know which type of business is it?
  19. siru007

    Google Map Ranking Help

    My Google map listing is not ranking at all.. It is at double digit and want to rank it higher.... Can anyone suggest me some way that I can use to rank it higher.. Please don't suggest me your seo agency or any seo services... I want help not services Please help...!! Thanks In Advance..!!
  20. MatthewGraham

    Hiring for long-term (1 year) drip feed for Truspilot, Sitejabber, and Google Business Reviews

    Hello, As stated in the title, am hiring for long-term (1 year) drip feed for Truspilot, Sitejabber, and Google Business Reviews. 1,000 reviews total split across various business/services/websites. Please note that this is a long term arrangement, which means that you must be prepared to...