What does "merging" google business exactly do after it got suspended?


Dec 4, 2020
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I had a GMB account suspended because Google detected a false flag fraud while I was attempting to register for google pay; I actually had google pay/google ads years ago but was attempting to do it at a different address, which seemed to set off the alarm. As a result, everything was put on hold, including my one nail salon business on google my business. I'm unable to access my business since regaining access to my gmail account.

I read that making a new GMB and merging it with the suspended one might work, but how do I go about doing so?

I have another gmail google my business address that has been validated and i'm unable to access Google Business using my suspended Gmail account. I also sent an appeal, but I haven't heard anything in three days. Granted, the one suspended isn't a "real" company; it's just a validated address. I think getting that gmail account accidentally locked triggered the suspension of its GMB.

It's a little annoying because all of my leads came from google mapping my business, and despite the fact that it doesn't have a physical location, it was enough to direct them to my phone number. Other businesses are doing the same thing, without a storefront but no one is doing anything about it. Out of spite, I'm preparing to report them! Sorry, I'm just frustrated. What should I do?