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  1. D

    The Right Way To Go About Choosing Google My Business Listing Names..

    The business name is not only important for ranking but also for branding purposes. Let’s say you were to create a GMB for the “immigration attorney” category. While you can achieve a maximum short term ranking boost by using a super keyword optimized title like; Immigration Attorney NYC –...
  2. D

    GMB Posts for getting your listings ranked in the top of the Map Pack

    While everyone is purchasing fake reviews and cheap citations that don’t cut it, very few are utilizing the GMB post feature to their advantage. If done right, this strategy is not only one of the cheapest but one of the most effective as well. How often should you be posting content to your...
  3. D

    How to manage your Google My Business Listings – DON’T SCREW IT UP!

    One of the questions that come up regularly is, how do you manage multiple GMBs? In case you own a local business, it’s perfectly fine having several GMBs with the same company name stored on the same Gmail account. Take good care of your Google account. You don’t want to lose the account or...
  4. starseo78

    Instant Google My Business Listing Verification (without postcard)

    For more PM me or post on my thread
  5. Tut369

    HELP!! GMB Google map listing expert needed!!

    I need help with an expert free lancer that can list multiple listings on Google map in multiple cities.
  6. C

    GMB Suspension

    Hello, I have around 70 GMB locals that have been suspended by Google due to quality issues. All of them are for the same service business based in the UK. All these businesses are owned and operated by independent owners but they are also co-owned by an overarching company (Franchisor)...
  7. David LA

    GMB lisitng needed for following categories only

    Hello BHW! I'm looking for Gmb listing expert. I need following categories: "general contractor" or "fence contractor" or "garage door supplier". Please let me know if you can help me and listing won't disappear in a minute. I appreciate it.
  8. maxine

    $ Need Business Addresses for Our Google My Business Listings*

    Hello BHW, I am looking for a business address I can use for Google My Business listing. If you are interested I will need to use your address for our GMB listing and need you to provide me with the Google post card verification number once you receive it in the mail. If you have a business...
  9. S

    Google verifier program

    Hey guys, Has anyone heard of the google verifier program? Does anyone know how to be accepted?
  10. G

    GMB Locations / Google ADS BlackHat Expert / FRANCE

    Hey everyone, I have a locksmith firm In France, I spend more or less 70 000€ each month on google ads. I NEED to reduce this amount, making my business grow. I would hire anyone who get a solution for me ! It could be mass gmb listings, or google ads black hat trick, I don't know... Thanks in...
  11. S

    Whic GMB categories are considered "not spam" or safe

    Hi, which gmb categories are considered safe and not spammy? There the obvious spam ones but which are considered not in a spammy field
  12. J

    Link Building | GMB Verification

    I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right sub-forum so please advise if I err. I read through quite a few threads and get a feel for how things are working in BHW. 1. I can't figure out what is the best way to find service providers who specialize in a area? One of the services I would...
  13. H

    Google Listing/Working Method for Verified Listings

    Yes I have a way to get listings out however my question is this, what niche is not overly spammed to bad to actually put listings out for myself... I do listings for alot of people and want to start doing leads for myself ...
  14. Array Experts

    Google My Business Lisiting Verification WITHOUT Postcard

    No Fancy Graphic I Don't Wanna Waste Your Time I am offering Google My Business creation and verification without a postcard for local businesses that for whatever reason cannot create and/or verify their business Little Overview For those who are not familiar with GMB Listing it is a...