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  1. Game of Squid

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  2. P

    How to remove Google negative reviews?

    I have a business and had Google verified business listings, There are negative reviews given by some online competitors, not from my customers. I have a 2.8 rating over there so I want to remove those reviews OR I want to improve my review rating at GMB. How?
  3. Seo Growth Zone


    GMB listing.
  4. papa jay

    gmb verification

    I'm looking to hire someone to verify my google my business listing. I have no address in the USA so I cant verify it myself.
  5. OaklandSwift

    Looking for a GMB expert (home services)

    I want to develop a network of lead-gen GMBs for 2 specific niches (both home services). I'm looking for something like having 1 GMB in each major US city to get leads from. I'm not very familiar with the process of creating/managing GMBs, so I need help: 1) What do I need to create a GMB...
  6. See Gre

    Google maps reviews not publishing

    Are you still facing problems in getting Google maps reviews getting published? Moderators if the thread is not in the right section please change the section.
  7. PROJECT21

    GMB listing still at the bottom after 6 Months. NOTHING WORKS. I might know why... [Case Study]

    Hey, im really getting tired of this bs with GMB let me explain why. So I have 2 GMB listings. Main lisitng: My main listing on my main account that i have since 6 Months already. Everything is just perfect i upload regularly pictures (with geo tags) and postings (Im not spamming). I have 19...
  8. S

    USA Postcard GMB Verification -$75-$100 for Qualified Address

    I am looking for freelancers from USA who have home or commercial address in following metro cities Denver, CO Austin, TX Dallas, TX Philadelphia, PE Houston, TX Seattle, WA Miami, FL Chicago, IL We are looking for qualified address for our Lead Generation Sites in Plumbing niche. We...
  9. ethan tole

    Gmb listings

    Hi. I'm looking for someone who's doing gmb listings verification and Seo at the moment
  10. J

    Will Anyone Still Do GMB Verification W/O Postcard???

    i have been looking for someone to help me with gmb verification for some time now and no one seems to know how to do it anymore??
  11. DaisyA

    GMB listings - anyone willing to share their experiences?

    Given there are BST offers on BHW for bulk GMB listing services, I was wondering if anyone had experience of monetising their listings they'd be willing to share (without giving away geos or niches). The three main ways of monetising listings seem to be: a. Use in your own business to...
  12. J L GUPTA

    [Free] Google My Business Optimization Service

    Hello everyone :) I want to practice on Google My Business Optimization Service, so i who really interested with this free service inbox me. Thank you a lot.
  13. Y

    How to claim GMB with soft suspension (without postcard)?

    I've got many listings that got soft suspension (became unclaimed), and when trying to reclaim them I get asked for a postcard verification. How can I bypass that? any tricks? or other options that you may have?
  14. D

    [Strategy] How to Win at Google My Business Listings

    Let's face it; The GMB landscape is constantly changing yet some people manage to make money while keeping their listings alive. The question is, what are they doing differently? Time to discuss some strategy... You either spam the hell out of your listings, meaning you keyword stuff business...
  15. Kartik Singh

    Locksmith GMB Listing

    Is there anyone who can provide me Locksmith Google Listing. I need in bulk. If you can do then please let me know.
  16. hackgrowth

    Dumbing Down GMB

    Wrote this long post to help a fellow member understand ranking and renting GMB... and thought I'd post it here to help clear things up for whoever has trouble understanding the concept. This is as per my understanding, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! --- So... Y'know when you...
  17. kiks

    [WTB] Verify my fake google my business location

    I have a simple google my business website in travel niche, If someone can verify the location because I want to access google analytics and more features. It doesn't matter if you verify USA,India or whatever but I would prefer US, no problem though. (I'm sure some people know how to do it)...
  18. ss1180

    Locksmith GMB Listing

    Is there any one who can do Locksmith Google Business Listing ?
  19. dezin

    Suggest me GMB Listing Training with out postcard

    Hey, I am going to experiment a Local Seo site, I heard its possible to do a gmb listing on your own. I didn't find any trustable service yet. Can anyone suggest me training or service link? Arigato
  20. R

    How long does GMB needs to update?

    Hey all got a quick question. Friend of mine is a car seller and took over his competitor. He created a new GMB at the same address as the old owner. The old owner moved to another city. How long does it take for GMB to show our listing when the old owner don't changes the address of his...