GMB listing still at the bottom after 6 Months. NOTHING WORKS. I might know why... [Case Study]


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Apr 21, 2019
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Hey, im really getting tired of this bs with GMB let me explain why. So I have 2 GMB listings.

Main lisitng:
My main listing on my main account that i have since 6 Months already. Everything is just perfect i upload regularly pictures (with geo tags) and postings (Im not spamming). I have 19 Reviews from real people in my city. At the beginning i didn't have an address, only the work area. But now i have my private address for ranking purposes for about 2 months now. I also have a good description and the title are my 2 Keyword "branch + city". The website is ranking on #5 not that bad for 6 months and the little backlink work i have done.

What you need to know is that the account where I have my main listing, exist since I think almost 2 years. I have created it for another business of mine. And i also had a GMB listing for that business that was btw in complete another branch. So I deleted the old GMB listing and used this Account for my new business.

And since 6 Months it is not ranking a little bit, its currently at #8-9. And literallyanyone who dosnt gives a fuck about his listing is above me. Seriously my competitors with 3 star rating, no pictures, no postings is above me.

Just to be clear, I have only one backlink to the listing from my own website.

NEW listing
So I have created 2-3 weeks later a complete new brand
in the same branch with the same keyword. (New IP, new address so there is no way google can trace it back to me)

On the new GMB listing I dont have any pictures, 0 reviews, i have absolutely nothing. even the website is not indexed yet. But the sad thing is that the GMB is still ranking one position higher as my main listing.

Even a competitor of mine has done a new GMB listing even with the same brand name and he is ranking on 4-5. and i can no explain it to me why.


So my conclusion is that is was a bad idea to use the google account of my old business for the new one.

What did you think I should do, should i just forget on my main account and concentrate on the new listing, although its not running with my real name and through a dedicated IP?


thanks :)


Jul 19, 2018
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Simply let the winners run and cut losses. Add some pictures to the new one, get some reviews and see if the new one can keep traction and go further.

Perhaps you messed up with the accounts, you'll never know if G is punishing you or not because of that. How old are your other competitor's businesses?? 6 months doesn't sound much to make an advantage.