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  1. shimi

    [GIVEAWAY] My 2 app marketing guides

    NO OPT IN REQUIRED: App Name Mastery Guide Download Here App Icon mastery Guide Download Here Thanks Shimon :)
  2. E

    My paid premium plugin is your for FREE

    This plugin allows you to insert to your posts videos/images/animated gifs from Youtibe/Pixabay/Giphy/Imgur with no copyright issues. The Youtube option is in the newest version and not shown in the video, but don't worry it exists :) Here is how it is working: Download here
  3. Iguana

    [Giveaway] Free .xyz domains

    Hi All, As Namecheap are offering these at extremely low prices, I thought I'd give away some to the BHW community. Post below with the domain you'd like (Check it's available first!), and your Namecheap username, and I will register it and transfer it to you. You are free to PM me these...
  4. Jay42 is having a giveaway (free 1-on-1 help, year subscription, online courses)

    Hey everyone, Got an email from this morning letting me know about a giveaway they're doing. These guys specialize in press releases (helping you find/contact authors who've published relevant articles in your niche). I've actually used their service in past with good results so...
  5. M

    I will do keyword research and suggest you one with CPC +$1 and LMS +1000 for Free !!!!!!!

    Hi everybody, I'm going to offer you my free giveaway . I will personally do keyword research and suggest you a keyword with +1$ CPC and +1000 local (USA) monthly searches. Which you can build an adsense ready blog that may earns up to $1000 a month. As this is a time consuming task, I will do...
  6. Lunatic Call

    Some expired domains for free

    Greetings Gentlemen, Decided to giveaway some expired domains that I found recently and left unused. Probably I checked them and they did not suit me for some reason, but you probably could find use to them. All of them are .com domains (which means you can get coupon for godaddy and get them...
  7. Iamtheman

    Giveaways for all BHW members - Twitter , Pinterest, SoundCloud , YouTube

    Hi, I am back with Unlimited Giveaways.Today Our Giveaways different.You have to create account on our panel and I will add credit on your account for take any below service you want.This giveaways Unlimited for all BHW ( 1 Service for 1 person and 1 order per days ) members. Step 1 : Create...
  8. pradep89

    { GIVEAWAY} 1 Gust Post free real site No PBN.

    Hi every one i am giving away one Gust post with ******** backlink for you guys. site is real blog no PBN... site status PR 2 PA 29 DA 17 You have to provide 400 + words unique article with images. i will select one user within 24 hours.
  9. M

    [Giveaway] Domains

    Hey guys. I just came into some big money, so im giving 5 custom domains of your choice. With SSL Certificate. Just comment on this post that you are "in" or something like that. and 5 winners will get it ON 30. DECEMBER. Merry Christmas! [EDIT]Didn't know so much people will apply LOL. so im...
  10. W

    Google + Engagement in return for a Simple Working Method

    So here's the deal. I need a working method. I have seen couple here but they are either saturated, are sometimes BS or are like $5 for 10 hours of hardwork (I make much more). So here's the deal, I own a G+ community and can get any number of +1's. I will provide 500 +1's to any person who can...
  11. W

    [GET] 20 +1's to your link

    I've gained a lot looking, learning and asking around here and have decided to give a little back. I own a big G+ community and will share your link there naturally. I'm sure you will get 20 +1's atleast and a few more naturally. I am chilling at the moment so I will do this for: 1. The first...
  12. anandcte13

    [Giving away] 100 Twitter Follower to 15 BHM Member

    Giving away 100 Twitter follower to 15 bhw members Just post on thread to qualify and send me details in PM
  13. M

    [GIVEAWAY] Grab this catchy domain fast

    Hi Guys, In my search of expired domains i stumble upon this nice short catchy domain in SEO niche which can surely be worth some good money. So get hold of this fast. Removed (registered) Just register and own this. Will remove the domain name once some one registers it.
  14. L

    [Giveaway] Free Soundcloud Real Followers/Likes/Comments

    Hi, I can't find another way to thanks Black Hat World and their members for the knowledge. Because of that, I want to giveaway Free Soundcloud Followers, Likes and Comments. I will giveaway 25 - 50 followers, likes and comments. Send me one (1) link to your sound, and you'll receive them...
  15. stevenjoh

    [GIVEAWAY] 500 instagram followers

    Hey guys, i'm giving away 500 instagram followers for the first 15 members to reply and pm details. let me know how is the quality please note that *instagram profile need to be a public profile *pls give ur details instagram id
  16. A

    [GET]Udemy Niche Research 101: How To Find Laser Targeted Keywords

    Udemy is giving the niche research course for FREE! The course costs $147. Grab it before the coupon stops working! Search it:"Niche Research 101: How To Find Laser Targeted Keywords" and while paying add below coupon code couponCode=BestKeyword Enjoy it!!
  17. seostrike

    Free SEO Report

    Hi Folks, I am interested in providing Free Seo Reports to First 100 members. The First 40 members will get exclusive SEO Report. The Remaining 60 Members gets Basic SEO AUDIT Report. The Report includes every factor of On-Page as well Off Page optimization. First Come First Serve...
  18. mindmaster

    [Giveaway] 500 EMD Keywords (from 300 - 10,000 exact searches)

    Here is a new list of keywords with available EMDs. Exclusively for BHW. Pick yours and register it. Enjoy. Keyword PPC Competition Global Searches Local Searches Average Cpc EMD [rite aid pharmacy] 0.23 49500 49500 0.5 .net [the powder toy] 0 22200 9900 0.14 .net [powder games] 0.04...
  19. dblood

    Who has a youtube channel they don't need or want

    Hey does BHW have a YouTube Channel they don't need or don't use anymore. I'll be happy to use it. What I do ask is that if the channel could have some videos on it
  20. S

    please need help for keyword

    hi guys, i have read some post of adsense and i know that firstly i need to research good keyword, i started research keyword for 2 months but i havent found any good keyword, i dont know any programs for it and if someone knows very well this process and having big money every day. if so you...