Looking for help on Landing Page to go Viral on FB idea

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by manolo12399, May 16, 2017.

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    I have a big website in the sport niche and I want to increase my followers on fb social network and capture some other details from them.

    I want to give away at extraction some original football jersey, football shoes and may be balls too.

    I thought about the landing page, as steps, that unlock the next step

    1st step like the Fb page if they haven't done already, after that one by one the other steps will unlock

    2nd step Share the post on Fb or the landing page hosted on my site.

    3rd comment

    after the 3rd step is completed a form will pop up, where I get the gender,name, email, phone number and another social ID used almost like facebook in my country.

    Any technical issues? that you know I may encounter?

    Any successful example that I can brainstorm from?

    Fb is the last medium of promotion, but all the traffic that I gather will go to that landing page, so they will also need to interact in Fb.