GIVEAWAY - Free Guest Post On Aged (19yrs) High Authority PR8 Website


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Aug 22, 2011
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Hello guys! At the beginning let's clear why I am doing this. As a member of this great community for about 5 years I have learned a lot, talked and worked with exceptional people. When I was starting, I chose the hardest way of making money online - SEO.
Now, it is time to give something back. So, a few years ago I put my efforts in finding strong domains, building PBN...and IMAO did it pretty well. As I am not in SEO anymore (found more profitable method/twist) I sold most of my sites. But there is one left, sitting back, doing nothing.
BTW the domain had PR 8 (if anyone remember what it was), great metrics, bl from more than 1000 websites, genuine of course...

Today, metrics of the domain are
DA 44
PA 34
Moz Rank 5.30
Moz Trust 5.84

It is .com.cctld domain

The domain niche was general info/news site, so has been for years now.
If need do follow bl from high authority website, here is your chance...
1. Category - almost all (it is a news website, so it doesn't matter) except porn, gamble, viagra and that kind bs..
2. Content - 100% unique article with min 700 words, well written (will read it before posting) - forget about fiverr articles and that kind of crap (not even to mention spinning etc)
3. Link - 1 do follow - some time it will be on homepage. Also you will be allowed to build links to the article - using the article in tier 1 (spam is not allowed - doing so, it will cause 301 redirect to your money site)
4. You can apply for more than 1 article - but different IP....etc
5. Submitting articles - Just send PM and link to pictures/media

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Feb 15, 2015
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Interested too, mate. Thanks for giving back to the community!