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  1. bbbb bbbb

    Free Facebook Status or Page Likes

    I wanna give back :).....Todays my sons birthday and i got a couple hours to spare before i go grill out at the local park...I'll do as many as i must be public as well as profile...share links...I can do likes on status's, comments and pages....again they must be public....Let's Go!!
  2. K

    Need help building a giveaway group on facebook

    hey, guys, i was really just kinda looking for support on building up this Giveaway page on facebook i am trying to build multiple of them to help give jobs and actually give prizes like cash and gift cards and electronics away so all support would be awesome. The Page is Called Gods Of...
  3. Dejawu

    A journey using only BHW giveaways

    This Journey i started is for ones who is interested in quality, and impact of BHW Giveaways. Today i bought a fresh domain in *.photography. Posted bought article with 300 words here on BHW also added a few photographies (unique ones, never posted online). So thats basically it. All text...
  4. kohli cool

    on-page seo audit giveaway

    i am providing free on-site seo report for 20 may help some one who is in need to analyse his/her complete website. please fill the below google forms strictly no pm first...
  5. D

    [GiveAway]Free Semrush SEO Content Template

    Get a FREE Semrush SEO Content Template for your Keyword(s) GRAB THIS DEAL WHILE IT LASTS!!1! (I have no idea if this has any value, but I'm sure you guys and girls will let me know in the comments below.) How do I get one? 1: post your opinion about this GA based on the following spin text...
  6. Wolfgar

    [GiveAway] Idexification

    Time for another giveaway to the BHW family! Read the entire post to be eligible. Giveaway: Get your URLs indexed To Enter: Account must be 6+months aged and in good standing with BHW AND you must comment on this thread. Give Away Count: (5) users will be able to get up to 250 URLs each...
  7. B

    GIVEAWAY - Free Guest Post On Aged (19yrs) High Authority PR8 Website

    Hello guys! At the beginning let's clear why I am doing this. As a member of this great community for about 5 years I have learned a lot, talked and worked with exceptional people. When I was starting, I chose the hardest way of making money online - SEO. Now, it is time to give something back...
  8. Wolfgar

    [GiveAway] Indexification

    Back with another giveaway! Giving away to [10] members (to enter account must be 6+ months old - no just joined accounts) link indexing using indexification. To enter comment on this thread. After 10 members have claimed I will message each member to get their links. Each member may submit up...
  9. Wolfgar

    [GiveAway] (3) WordAi Spins

    Simple giveaway to start the weekend off. I will choose the first 3 (with preference going to Jr. VIP) that reply to the thread. Giving away: (3 total) 500 word article spins in WordAi Cheers
  10. DunDidIt2X


    Mod Disclaimer: While the bot is now sold by @Cratos, OP is associated with it. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday down, its time to pay attention to the next big holiday season rushing...
  11. limatigaku13

    [GIVEAWAY]Keywords high cpc low competition

    I just noob with premium kwfinder tools try to give some keywords. I'll gv you with seach volume search too Let see what the niche you have to check?
  12. ikonnmusic


    i believe in this community. and so should you! another contribution from me to you, and more to come. FREE GIVEAWAY: HMA! PRO VPN License key Valid through July 28th, 2018. Post Here and send me a PM. i will give them out until i run out. :)
  13. waxysplash

    My Youtube Journey

    Hey guys I have been taking my channel serious for about 4-5 months now. I have 200 subs with almost 10,000 views on my channel. It is a gaming channel so it is a pretty full niche. Follow my journey here or on my channel. This is my first post ever on the forum so let me know if I am missing...
  14. Nowrid Ahsan

    5 free articles

    I'm going to give out 500+ words articles to 5 Jr.Vip members, PM me your keywords and details, all I need from you is your opinion and advice on how I could improve
  15. manolo12399

    Looking for help on Landing Page to go Viral on FB idea

    I have a big website in the sport niche and I want to increase my followers on fb social network and capture some other details from them. I want to give away at extraction some original football jersey, football shoes and may be balls too. I thought about the landing page, as steps, that...
  16. aksh007

    smmbeast providing Youtube views and instagram likes for free

    Hello everyone, I earn alot from bhw method's, this forum is on my home page :P well come to point finally I decided to start a give away here is few rules one user one video link ( YT)/post link (IG) i'll send 1k views for yt /likes for ig note - 1 I can stop this give away when i want 2...
  17. HallLiz

    Free $50 credit on Indeed for new people

    I just herd on the radio that Indeed is giving a $50 ad credit for new people. I'm not affiliated with them or a member of the site.
  18. afreenv

    [GIVEAWAY] $5 free to spend on Youtube Views Panel

    Hi guys, I want to start a giveaway for first 20 member. ( We have all ip address and mac address in our system. repeated person will be banned. ) I will give you $5 free on registration to spend on my Youtube Views Panel. You can get Youtube Views Panel and many other service. All you need...
  19. Noah Hawryshko

    (GUIDE) The Complete Guide to Facebook Giveaways

    Introduction: Hi BlackHatWorld! I posted the bare-bones of this as a comment earlier today and it looks like it helped a couple people, so I figured I'd make this guide and elaborate a little bit more. Full disclosure: keep in mind that I haven't actually done anything in the giveaway niche...
  20. ArMani41

    Udemy July 2016 Coupon Giveaway 100% off list part-1

    Hi,I am ArMani. 20 years old guy who is freelance Designer | Developer | Marketer. Today i am going to Giveaway list of Udemy coupons list that are essential to learn and earn Complete will soon update or post new in future. 100% off click and indent. Udemy 100% off courses list only for...