1. Meerakat

    Solution to PayPal's sending problem

    I've encountered this issue a lot of times when making payment to someone's PayPal account. Whenever you try to send, it keeps telling you to contact their gaypal support. There is a way around this, and it's pretty simple. All you need to do is make the seller or send a gaypal invoice to your...
  2. xReminisce

    Paypal $5 give away ! (Expires 16th Feb)

    So.. Gaypal is giving away $5 free to certain members check if you are eligible
  3. SonOfJat

    Paypal Discussion

    Around a year back I used to have multiple stealth paypal accounts from different countries (japan, Belgium, Finland, chile etc) running on different VMs, and there were many countries for which my customers used to get "Confirm Receipt" option immediately after payment was made, I used to sell...
  4. Meerakat

    Top 10 Tips for managing / creating a Stealth PayPal account

    I'll list some tips here that can help you make a successful stealth account (based on my personal experience), and it won't be free since you need to invest in a working phone number (Google voice could work) & a long-term private proxy. 1. When creating a stealth PayPal account, use a custom...
  5. speedie

    I need someone to help file my PayPal tax report

    Hey guys, Anyone who can help file a tax report for my US PayPal business account. Also to advise how and where to submit this. The necessary process. Budget: $10.
  6. IAmDaze

    GayPal fucked me!

    I had an old PayPal account and today I received a 20$ transfer from a client. And when I tried to login it asked for phone verification. And that phone was lost years ago LOL. Now I am here complaining about it :D:D. I logged in 1 hour ago and it wasn't asking for anything. As soon as I...
  7. TheBizCat

    PayPal Just Came Out For Me...

    Yeah, you read that title correctly. My PayPal account just came out and turned full on GayPal. I submitted the requested docs (Legit account, Legit Transactions) now just waiting to hear back. The worst part is, a client of mine just paid a portion of an amount they owed for a service...
  8. N

    Where can I buy traffic for this type of website?

    I have 2 websites. One sells membership to people who want to watch rare documentaries. The second one sells gay movies. I have a budget of $200 per week but I can vary it depending on conversion rates. If anyone can sell me traffic for any of these websites please add me on skpe klearkutnikita
  9. B

    withdraw money from paypal .

    Hello , i have paypal account and i'm trying to withdraw 96$ from it .. i called their support 3 times , tried many different ways .. send money to friend , request from my friend to me , i asked my friend to send invoice to me but that did not worked either .. every goddamn way i get that error...
  10. T

    Paypal stealth in India. Need help due to unique rules. Paypal permanently limited

    So a bit of background about how my Paypal account got permanently limited. I started a dedicated server biz in 2013 and made a Paypal account with my real info (real name as well as real company name). As the biz grew so did marketing. My website was often target of DDoS attacks as well as...
  11. minimo88

    Should I get a new PP account if I am selling services?

    I am going to be selling some services on Ebay and i wanted to know if I should buy a new PP account. Recently, I heard a lot of people getting screwed by PP and ebay because of selling replicas. So should a I get a new account even if I am not going to be do any BH stuff?
  12. RMX

    Stupid GayPal

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