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Oct 14, 2017
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Around a year back I used to have multiple stealth paypal accounts from different countries (japan, Belgium, Finland, chile etc) running on different VMs, and there were many countries for which my customers used to get "Confirm Receipt" option immediately after payment was made, I used to sell a bot application and since it was delivered instantly buyers used to confirm receipt right after payment was done. and I used to take the money out from stealth Account to my personal account without any issues. and I never lost money because of chargebacks because If I get any chargeback I used to throw the stealth account itself, and make a new paypal, So I was always safe.
Now these days for last 10 months and more buyers don't get confirm receipt option immediately, It takes 3 days atleast to see the confirm receipt option on buyer end. and by that time I get chargebacks sometimes and I lose cases and thus money.
I'm not sure if there is any country left where paypal still gives the confirm receipt option right after the payment, So wanted to ask you all, if anyone have any similar experience with paypal please share..
excuse me for my english :)
why you have to worry much about charge backs?
Are you doing fraud?
Not doing any frauds, I'm selling very basic bots and some people might feel that they are cheated and mostly buyers are of age group 15-20. also it's digital good and paypal doesn't give a f*ck about it no matter what I say to them. They always return the money to buyer. and i can't take such risks with paypal. they have permanently limited some my personal accounts as well.
Try to create Stealth business paypal accounts - USA or Canada. They send the confirm receive instantly.
forgot to mention that I used to have only personal stealth accounts, rarely used stealth business accounts. So I'll give a try. Thanks for the suggestion.
Try to create Stealth business paypal accounts - USA or Canada. They send the confirm receive instantly.
I created a Canada based paypal business account and sent 50$ to it from my personal account and I don't see confirm receipt option in my personal account, I marked item as processed but still option is not enabled. check below ss :(
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