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Paypal stealth in India. Need help due to unique rules. Paypal permanently limited

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by twisted fate, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. twisted fate

    twisted fate Newbie

    Feb 29, 2016
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    So a bit of background about how my Paypal account got permanently limited.

    I started a dedicated server biz in 2013 and made a Paypal account with my real info (real name as well as real company name). As the biz grew so did marketing. My website was often target of DDoS attacks as well as various dedicated servers i sold because they were advertised as DDoS protected. No problem i had enough juice to mitigate all of them but then this happened.

    One day i suddenly got an email from paypal :

    Now i was really shocked as i never ran these websites. After logging in my Paypal account i found out there were few payment patterns i don't recognize from last few hours, a constant of $3, $4, $6 etc with notes 'bought from hxxp://stressxyz.xx'. I went to these hxxp://stressxyz.xx websites and found out they were generic cart ripoffs and the buy now buttons were sending payments to my paypal email.
    I immediately called Paypal and tried to explain them what was going on and they are trying to knock me out financially but they denied all the claims stating that it is me making up everything and my account is permanently limited.

    After this incident my sales dropped off fairly. I heard good things about 2co in the past and i decided to apply. After i applied my application was pending for about 2 weeks. Finally i got an email today

    And now i am here. As much as i hate to say this i want to give it a second shot until i become the victim again.

    I looked at a lot of threads around here about stealth accounts but none were targeted to indian paypal.
    Note: Indians need to add a bank account to get verified.

    I still have a spare bank account and the good thing is i have noticed in India we are still able to receive payments if Payee name mismatches in bank account owner's name. Since my old name is logged i will use a different mistyped name.
    But i have a few doubts.
    Since my website remains the same is it safe to use API and IPN? Do they track it or i am better off saying my clients which email id to pay?
    Do they ever suddenly ask for documents of the person? Like id proof etc if it was not asked during signup?

    Are there any Paypal aggregators that can accept paypal payment on a merchant's behalf like 2co? I can provide documents if needed but fees should not be absurd.
  2. sikandar

    sikandar Senior Member

    Mar 15, 2008
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    Paypal will ban you again if you try to use them. Better start using other payment gateways