Solution to PayPal's sending problem


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Sep 9, 2019
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I've encountered this issue a lot of times when making payment to someone's PayPal account. Whenever you try to send, it keeps telling you to contact their gaypal support. There is a way around this, and it's pretty simple.

All you need to do is make the seller or send a gaypal invoice to your client. When any amount is paid through an invoice, it works and doesn't show that annoying error message that you get every-time when somebody tries to send you a payment or if you are trying to send one.
Whenever you try to send, it keeps telling you to contact their gaypal support.

There's multiple scenario for this could be happening unfortunately
  • When recipient address have been flagged
  • When sender address have been flagged (this usually indication of upcoming limitation not so long after you did failed to send several times)
  • When paypal server busy (leave 5 minutes and try again usually does the trick)
And sometimes also partially flagged, means i can send only $100 maximum to unique address

So i believe no one-for-all solution
Except contacting paypal by phone is the quickest way to address the issue
The sendin problems is a preventive measure by the system - to alert the sender
If the receivers account have open disputes
If the receivers acc have flagged/reports
If the receiver acc is going to be limited / have suspicous acitivity
then pp don't allow to send money, invoicing works but deal with caution
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