freelance writing

  1. R

    What's The Minimum Rate For Writing Emails, Is $5/Email OK?

    I recently got my first email writing gig, but I'm a bit concerned about the pay. The rate is $5 per email, and I'm not sure if that's a standard rate nowadays. I came across this Facebook post seeking copywriters, and after submitting some samples, I was offered $5 per email. Is this typical...
  2. J

    What Is The Best Way For A Newbie To Make $20-$30 Daily From Copywriting/Writing Content

    I have been into internet marketing for months but have yet to make significant money. I try using freelance sites for article writing and copywriting gigs but not winning bids. I've also contacted some websites to write their website copy, but they have yet to respond. I will typically write...
  3. AllyBarns

    [Journey] $500 from freelance content writing.

    Hello friends. This is my second journey. My first journey was small and achieved in a short span of time after joining BHW. This time I set a milestone of earning the first $500 from freelance content writing. I am hoping to achieve this within 2 months, but let's see. I have a portfolio...
  4. ManuWork

    {Journey} Freelance Writing On Fiverr and Upwork {End Goal: $300 Per Month}

    Intro Hello everyone! I’m just a boring 21 year old guy from India, who’s good at writing stuff. Past Experiences This isn’t my first time taking a shot at freelancing. Back in 2014-15, I made those shitty whiteboard videos on Fiverr but gave it up as It was too much work for such poor...
  5. K

    We are paying for news items - any news item.

    Hi All, Our customer is looking for fresh news and content writers. If you’re looking for paid writing opportunities - consider writing for Your article can be about a variety of topics: The latest headlines, business, Internet culture, art, entertainment, gaming, sports...
  6. TrufflePug

    Hello everybody

    My name is TrufflePug. I'm from Ireland, 23 and relatively new to internet marketing. I've tried my hand at 3 Shopify stores so far (failed at each lol) - Failed at the FB advertising stage, either the products were terrible or I didn't find the right audience with my budget. So now that I...
  7. Writerly

    GOSUPERB — Where great ideas meet SEO writers — thorough research & flawless English from $3.50

  8. M

    I need Help on my fiverr account

    Hello Boss Am a newbie and new to the internet marketing arena ..i have a fiverr account of close to two month old ,have Got plenty of impressions in the last month .up to 400 impressions but i haven't gotten any sales .i still can't figure out what is missing .i will love you all the fiverr...
  9. J

    Content Writing Sites

    I have been picking up some work on Elance and I have got some regular clients, but I am looking for ways to make extra money from my writing while I build up a larger client base. I am interested in content writing sites, however, a lot of them have mixed reviews and I wanted to know if anyone...
  10. 6

    Free Articles in Exchange for Article Review/Critique

    Hi, So, I've been reading BHW forums for a long time but I didn't sign up until today because I had an idea. I do a lot of admin freelance work on Elance and such, but I'd really like to focus more on article writing. I've always loved writing both academically and creatively and I don't mind...
  11. D

    Top notch quality writing jobs

    Hello All, I don't know how to approach companies based in countries other than India for bulk content requirements. I have 20 writers who write exceptinally well. Please help me where should I look out so that I can find suitable people to outsource me work. Thanks and Regards, Divya
  12. S

    Would anyone ever give jobs to a non native writer?

    Hello everyone, there is a "syndrome" that I would like to share in this thread. I call it the "NON-NATIVE SYNDROME". I have been a full-time freelance writer for about three years and all along I have been encountering different difficulties. In the very beginning, I was faced with the...
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