1. gman777

    RE Google FRED

    I was reading one of netmoney1 threads regarding Penguin update, where he was asking people to share details about their websites. Did anybody already mention it? If not, for those suffering from this update, answer the questions below: Site age? Indexed pages number? The type of...
  2. D

    Recovering From Fred Update

    Hey guys, We ran a test on 6 different client sites that were affected with Fred Update. 3 of them recovered last week. Though we are not sure, it seems like the Fred Update was imposed on sites that have too many affiliate links or advertisements. I will keep you guys posted. But for now...
  3. G

    Weakly Fred/Panda Tweak rolling again

    Since the Fred Update 8th March. There seems to be a somewhat weekly data refresh/tweak. Dates I catched so far. - 31.03.17 - 04.04.17 - 17/18.04.17 - 25.04.17 You can also monitor these on Semrush Sensor Or by reading Barry Schwartz, who...
  4. qwertzui11

    301 to correct anchor text ratio?

    I have found a domain. A blog site, fully related to my niche. (Stories, and posts about the product I am selling.) The domain is pure clean, there was none linkbuilding ever. Having 90 live referring domains, kind of clean backlink profile. The question is: What to do next? My money site is a...
  5. qwertzui11

    Jumped to first page from nowhere ?? WHY

    Hello everyone! After Fred, a site in the same niche that i am in, with nothing behind that is coming up in serp. Like some skyrocket. It has literally no backlinks (couldnt found any hidden pbns). Onsite seo sucks. Last reasonable content is a 2 years old. Check this out: tutitartozek[dot]com...
  6. G

    New G Update running. Any drops so far ?

    My SERP sensor shows large fluctuation the 2nd day in a row, although I haven't seen any changes in my rankings so far ? Any big drops or gains for everybody so far ?
  7. qwertzui11

    Anchor text ratio after Fred update

    I have noticed that, after the Fred update, sites with 20%+ Brand anchor text ratios are coming up in SERP. No matter how much referring domains they having. The same results at RD20 - RD200. Other sites with poor referring domains, no reasonable amount of backlinks, poor content domains are...
  8. G

    Quick case study, Fred Recovery by removing keyword Alt Tags

    As I already claimed several times, the Fred update is a general quality update targeted at overoptimized domains. One of the best working strategies seems to be, to reduce keyword density in general as well as keyword alt tags in special. Hereby I want to reinforce this claim, by showing the...
  9. qwertzui11

    Increased PBN boost time after FRED? Complex question

    Hi there, I have a complex question, If you have any idea about them, feel free to join! 1. I am noticing some strange behavior on my new pbn domains. Like, nothing happening is SERPs after built 10 domains. Here is the details of my pbn domains. - average DA 20+, min RD 50 - very-very clean...
  10. G

    Panda 5.0 or why there is no such thing as a FRED-Update

    After seeing 100s of sites, talked to dozens of webmasters, did numerous testing and wrote some major SEO companies. I am pretty confident to say, there is no such thing as a FRED Update it is simply a major Update of the well known Panda Algo. This is basically confirmed by Sistrix, one of...
  11. G

    [Case Study] Realtime Penguin, do bad links still carry negative effect ?

    Nearly three weeks ago, after the FRED Update I started a small test to see if a crappy links build by GSA SER, do have any effect I am using a 2 year old site, with quite a bit of content, but without any links. The Site is ranking Google page 1 and gets hit by 100 daily with different...
  12. unknownmehed

    My Finding after google update! What's your?

    I got huge hit by Google on 8th march. After that I have lost almost 80% google traffic. I have 190+ posts(Authority style). So, I did experiment with various posts.(Each logic applied 5-10 posts). What I did so far: 1) I removed affiliate link from first 200 words. 2) I reduced affiliate link...
  13. G

    Case Study: How the FRED update changed the linking game and how to succeed in 2017 !

    Overview: I am running a couple of Web 2.0 properties for intelligence purposes, to monitor the changes during ranking updates and adapt my link building strategies for money sites accordingly. Today, I wanna share with you some of the insights I gathered during the ranking updates on 7th...
  14. Viku

    10 Steps for Google Fred Recovery

    Let’s Jump To Main topic:- Step#1: Find how much you have affected or which page have been affected:- Simply go to analytics and check the stats of 8 march to 15 march.If you seen big drop in traffic that means you are affected. Now go to your rank tracker tool and find out for which...
  15. Viku

    No Traffic Lost After Fred! Am I Lucky

    I have seen many guys at here and in some other Facebook group that they have lost about 50 to 70% traffic due to Fred update at 8th march. But when I checked my analytics dashboards I have not find any LOST in traffic .[for any of my website ] Even I found 20% improvement for some of my...
  16. G

    What the Fred Update is - A Recovery Report

    I am running a couple of sites, basically in the alternate healing, self help, and conspiracy theory niche. On of my sites got hammered by Fred on 09 March, and left me without any explanation what happended. I thought it was somehow ad related and altered the site layout, which made it even...
  17. T

    Does Google "fred" ranking update affect?

    On march 7th google has updated with "fred". will it have any influence on the websites like page ranking
  18. Shree

    'Fred' - New Google Update - On the Prowl?

    Just read this ... Is anyone noticing anything unusual? None of my rankings seem to be affected.
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