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    Apr 7, 2016
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    I was reading one of netmoney1 threads regarding Penguin update, where he was asking people to share details about their websites. Did anybody already mention it?

    If not, for those suffering from this update, answer the questions below:
    Site age?
    Indexed pages number?
    The type of hosting(shared, dedicated)
    Type of content(article, article + images, videos, articles + videos)
    The length of content and density for a penalized article?
    Do you have Adsense or ads on your site?
    What's your loading speed?
    How often do you add/update articles?
    Use of Google WMT?
    Use of Google Analytics?
    WHOIS protection?
    The damage of the ranking(lost couple positions, went in the abyss, completely deindexed etc.)
    Link building strategy(anchors % and how many links of a specific type have you used?)

    Can you also PM me your website? Thanks.